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4 Packing Tips from the Pros

Moving Tips

Make a Plan

While it might seem like the packing and moving process is simple, nothing will benefit you more than a well thought out plan, timeline, and checklist. Organization is the key to a successful and stress free move, so taking the time before you start packing to prepare will pay off in the long run. One important part of making a packing plan includes creating an inventory of your belongings and the boxes that they are packed in. Assigning a number to each box along with a spreadsheet of what belongings are in which box number will help you keep track of where everything is which will also help with the unpacking process as well.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

One of the best things you can do to help yourself in the moving process is hire a professional moving company. Packing is just one of the many services that we, at Great White Moving Company, offer, and it is one of the things that we do best! Packing is that pesky task that often adds the most amount of stress while moving while you still try to maintain your regular work, family, and social schedule, so why not call in the pros to do it for you? Not only do we provide the manpower to effectively pack up your home or office, but we also provide the packing supplies, knocking one more task off of your ever growing to do list!

Choose the Right Size Boxes

One important piece of packing wisdom is to never leave a lot of extra space in a box that you are packing. Doing this can actually cause damage to whatever is inside because of all the sliding around that will happen when the boxes are being moved. This also means that you will want various sized boxes for packing up your home. If you only had very large boxes, it is likely that these would become too heavy when packed with some of your belongings like your books or your dishes. For heavier items, you will want smaller boxes, that way you can pack the box tight without risking the contents falling through the bottom or hurting yourself while moving it.


Moving is the best time to really consider what things you really want or need. It is so easy to let things pile up, especially when you have lived in one place for several years. Over time, it’s easy to just start overlooking things that are taking up space in your home. Because packing requires you to go through everything you own, use this time to really consider how much you use, wear, or enjoy the things you have. Consider Marie Kondo’s method of decluttering where she suggests making decisions on what to keep based on what “sparks joy” to you, and if the item doesn’t, give thanks for and then donate it. Typically, moving is a sign that you are starting a new chapter of your life, so why not go the extra mile and start that chapter with only the belongings that really add to your life! This will help ease the moving process, lighten the load of the unpacking process, and improve your life moving forward.


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