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    Getting ready to move into a new apartment? Or out of an old one? Great White Moving Company is here to help! We’ll safely move everything from your heaviest furniture to your last box of clothes down those tight staircases and into one of our trucks bound for your new home. Keep reading to learn more about our apartment moving services.

    Great White Moving Company is a moving company serving the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. We’ve been moving happy customers in and out of their homes for years. You may have even seen one of our trucks en route to helping someone start their life in a new home. Our expert apartment movers Fort Worth work only for us, and we’re fully insured for your protection. We’ve moved countless customers in and out of apartments in DFW, and we’ll be happy to move you and your family as well!

    Our Apartment Moving Services

    Moving out of an old place and into a new one can be an exciting change. Unfortunately, moving your furniture up a few flights of stairs or around tight corners can be a challenge. That’s where we come in. Instead of struggling to heave your heavy mattress down three floors, call in the experts from Great White Moving Company. Our crews have plenty of experience carefully moving heavy items so they arrive safely at their new destination.

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    Local Apartment Moves

    Just moving a few streets over? We can help. We’re happy to move your boxes, electronics, and furniture from your old apartment to a new one. From bed frames and stoves to TVs and boxes, our professional DFW movers will make sure everything arrives safely.

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    Long Distance Apartment Moves

    Moving to a new city altogether? Or even across the state? We’ve got you covered. We’ll pack your belongings securely so they’ll be protected throughout the trip and ready to move into your new apartment.

    No matter the size of the move, our Fort Worth apartment movers will ensure that everything you need to move gets from one apartment to the next safely and securely. We strive to make sure every customer is settled happily in their new home before moving on to the next move.

    Moving Specialty Items from Your Apartment

    Not every company will move every item. For safely moving your specialty items, call our expert movers. The team at Great White Moving Company has years of experience moving large, delicate, and oddly shaped items carefully from your old apartment to your new home. These include items such as:

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    • Pianos
    • Organs
    • Pool tables
    • Safes/Gun Safes
    • and much more – if your item isn’t on the list, give us a call and we’ll let you know if we can move it.

    Moving large, delicate items such as these on your own can be a risk to your safety, and put you at risk of damaging your valuable item. Call a fully insured professional and our team can disassemble and safely transport these items to their destination without the hassle or risk of damage. We can even help hook-up appliances such as your refrigerator or washer and dryer.

    Our Additional Services

    At Great White Moving Company, we’re dedicated to giving you a smooth, successful moving experience every time. We listen to your needs and always communicate clearly with our customers to ensure each and every move goes as planned. In addition to apartment moving, we also offer:

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    Packing Services

    Packing for a move can be tough and time consuming. Our movers have years of experience packing homes quickly and effectively. We’ll bring the packing materials and carefully and professionally pack your apartment, saving you time and stress.

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    Residential Moves

    When it’s time to move from your apartment into a new home, our movers are here to help. Whether it’s a large or small move, we’ll make sure everything gets from your old home into your new one.

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    Office Moves

    Relocating your business? Don’t try moving every file cabinet and desktop into a truck yourself. Call a professional moving company! We’re fully insured for your protection.

    We offer excellent rates for all of our services. You can even fill out a free estimate before your move so you’ll know exactly what to expect. We have no hidden fees, and we’ll work with you to find the perfect date for your move.

    You Can Depend on Our Local Dallas / Fort Worth TX Movers

    Great White Moving Company is the go-to movers in the DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas for tons of new and repeat customers. We are more than just a company – we strive to be a part of the communities we serve. Wave at our trucks going by and we’ll wave back! Once our movers have you happily set up in your new home, they’ll be happy to make recommendations about the best places to eat and relax in your city or neighborhood.

    Ready to enjoy a stress free move? Contact us at the Great White Moving Company today to receive a quote or schedule your move.

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