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Hand wearing a rubber glove holding a spray bottle

Tips for Safely Moving to a New Home During COVID-19

Everyday activities and celebrations have been turned upside down during the coronavirus pandemic as we find a way to do things safely. Moving to a new home is an important and exciting life milestone, but it is also a task which we need to be sure to navigate safely. It is possible to get the entire task done and to make safely moving a breeze when everyone involved is mindful of a few safety tips and does their part to…
Woman holding her back while trying to lift a heavy couch with her husband

The Risks of DIY Moving

Many people try to go it alone when moving, whether it’s to a nearby home or across the country. The reason why people avoid moving services is to save money and time. But does a DIY move really end up costing less once everything is said and done? If you’re considering relocating on your own, you should be aware of the possible risks involved during a DIY move. Security Securing your items during transportation is essential, especially for more delicate…
Two professional movers with a large appliance dolly

Professional Moving Equipment Your Movers Have

There are a lot of important reasons why a person should hire a professional to help them move. Every move has its own unique challenges no matter where a person is moving from or to. These challenges are where specialized equipment is needed and helpful. That is where a moving company steps in and lends a hand, because they always have any equipment that might be needed. Straps for Hoisting Large pieces of furniture can be hard to move, as…
Example of a small apartment interior

Everything You’ll Need when Moving to Your First Apartment

Congratulations! You just made the first step towards living a successful adult life. However, to ensure that you experience a smooth transition into adulthood, there are some things you need to consider when it comes to moving into your first apartment. Here is a checklist of things to get you started. 1) Cleaning Supplies Regardless of how clean your apartment may seem at first glance, you need to conduct a good thorough cleaning before you move your belongings in. Ensure…
"Wrong Way" sign

5 Key Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring Professional Movers

Do you want to move to a new house soon? You are not alone; every year, there are millions of houses sold in the United States. Without a doubt, you need a smooth process from start to finish when moving to a new home. To achieve this, it helps a great deal to hire a professional moving company. Such companies facilitate easy packing, loading and shipping of your household possessions. Your move to a new home won’t be a smooth…
Cleaning brush and dustpan

Steps to Take Before and After Moving to Keep Your Security Deposit

A security deposit is the money that you give to the landlord of a rental property as proof that you intend to move in and also take care of the property you are moving into. The security deposit can be refundable or non-refundable. Before you move out in the case of a refundable deposit, the landlord will investigate the property to check if there are any damages before he or she can give you back your money. Often equaling an…
Professional movers carrying a sofa up a flight of stairs

Often Unexpected Moving Costs to Factor Into Your Budget

While budgeting for moving expenses, there are some common fees that many people tend to overlook. Most of these unexpected costs come in the form of fees for extra services that don’t come standard when working with professional movers, and these additional services usually depend on individual circumstances as well as the kind of items that are in transit. One good example of such an extra service is moving items upstairs. If the building does not have an elevator, moving…
Shelves full of old kitchen items and other clutter

Deciding What to Keep and What to Ditch Before a Move

Moving is never fun. Whether its across town or across the country, moving is stressful, expensive, and a lot of work. Don’t make it harder on yourself. You don’t need to take everything you own with you. Consider this an opportunity to purge and finally throw out the things you never use or don’t really need. If you are hiring a company or doing the work yourself, the more you take the more expensive the move will be. Movers typically…
Mom packing clothes with her son

Moving Tips for Single Parents

Being a single parent is already a tough job to take. Adding to that tough job by moving as a single parent takes a lot of courage, and planning. Luckily, there are a few tips you can look at for guidance when you are moving with kids and you’re a single parent. Prepare Your Kids for Moving The best way you can start this off is by explaining to your child that you are moving. Explain to them that you…
Empty toilet paper roll with the words "don't panic" written

Essential Items People Forget on Moving Day

When moving from one home to another, a common mistake most people make is leaving essential items behind and possibly even losing them on moving day. Some of these items that are commonly forgotten are essential to everyday use and cause a lot of problems once they go missing. Read on to find out what these easily forgotten essentials are so you can remember to bring them on your own moving day. Batteries Without batteries, you won’t be able to…