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5 Tips on How to Move To A New Home With Small Kids

Moving with small kids can be a lot of work. After all, you have to pack up their room, the playroom, and the living space, not to mention your own bedroom or office. And then there’s the whole process of finding a new home. It’s enough to make anyone want to give up on moving altogether. But thankfully, we’ve got five tips for how to move with kids so that you can take advantage of all the benefits that come along with it – like fresh starts and new adventures in an area where everyone is excited about being your neighbor.

1. Start Early and Speak Up

The earlier you start planning, the easier your moving process will be – and that includes packing up everything your family needs for the move. That means tackling one room at a time and figuring out what goes with you and what stays behind (like toys and old clothes). As you go, label boxes clearly with permanent markers, and add an “M” on the front for ‘Mom’ if you want to make it easier for your kids to help when they get older.

2. Consider Your Kids’ Schedules

Your children’s schedules will play a big role in how often they’ll be able to come out and help you unpack. For instance, if they’re in school all day, you might want to choose a weekend day when everyone can pitch in to get the unpacking done. If one of your kids has after-school activities every day, it might be worth adjusting their schedule so that they can help you move on weekends or over summer vacation.

3. Involve Your Kids in the Packing Process

Of course, you don’t have to wait until the last minute to start packing. Plus, if you’re able to get help from your friends and family members early on, that means it’ll be easier for them to get their old stuff out of the way so that they can make room at their own homes for new items you’ll be hauling over. Then, after it’s time to start packing up your stuff, give your kids a say in what goes and what stays – even if they ask for more toys than you have the space to pack. For instance, helping them sort through their old clothes will bring closure to those last days of school.

4. Hire A Babysitter

If you want to avoid spending your first few nights in your new home with no furniture, then hire a babysitter. That way, you’ll have the whole house to yourself-and it’ll be easier for you and your spouse (or friends) to pick out what goes where.

5. Discard Unnecessary Things

Before you move, it’s a good idea to donate old clothes and toys – and even furniture – that you no longer need. That way, there will be more room for the items you’ll bring with you and fewer things for your kids to trip over or play with as you’re moving into your new home.

In conclusion, moving with children can be fun, easy and exciting. Just remember to start early, plan ahead and involve your family at every stage of the packing process.

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