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How to Properly Pack Your Boxes
Tips from Your Movers in Argyle TX

Moving Tips

Moving can be a big job. A person has to go through all of their belongings and pack everything up. Many people do not know how to properly pack for their move. Below, our expert movers have put together some tips on how to effectively pack your moving boxes and protect your belongings.

Group Items Together

If you have items that are of similar size and similar weights they can be packed together. This will help evenly distribute the weight and reduce the chance of one end of the box breaking. If there are items that will belong in the same room and they are roughly a similar size they can be packed together with the boxes labeled by room.

Use Peanuts

To protect the items from sliding around when the boxes are being moved, it is recommended to use packing peanuts. These peanuts should be put on the bottom of the box to provide some cushioning for the items. if you do not have packing peanuts you can use crumpled paper to cushion the bottom of the box. This will also provide protection and keep your items from getting dirty.

Soft Items

There is no special box of packing methods that can be used to pack soft items such as pillows or clothing. They can be pleased in the box and then the box can be sealed up.

Heavier First

When packing the boxes the heavier items should be put in the box first. They should be wrapped in a bubble wrap or packing paper. This will provide cushioning and will help distribute the weight evenly when the boxes are being moved.

Separate Items

The lighter items that are being packed should also be wrapped up to protect them. They can be placed in the same boxes as the heavier items but they will need to be separated. They can be divided into the box with a layer of cushion foam. The lighter items should also be placed on the top of the box.


When packing electronics or other small appliances it is important to wrap them individually. This will help protect these items. they can be wrapped in packing paper or other material depending on the size of the items. For larger appliances, it’s usually best to let professional movers handle the heavy stuff to reduce the risk of injury and damage to your belongings.

Dish Pack

If you are planning to bring along your dishes or other items that can easily be broken special precautions need to be taken. A dish pack can be used instead of a carton. This will provide extra protection to these items and help hold them in place.


Before sealing up the box more cushion should be added. Packing peanuts can be stuffed into the box or crumbled paper. This will help keep the items in place and keep them from shifting around.

These are some tips to help you properly pack your items when moving. These packing tips can help make the move easier and protect your belongings as you or your movers ship them to your new home.

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