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Moving From The City To A Rural Area

Moving to a rural area is an exciting change for those looking for a slower pace than cities often offer. The change in lifestyle can be a challenge to begin with, but there are steps you can take to prepare.

If you’ve been living in the city for years and you’re getting ready to move, below are some tips to help prepare for your new home.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

They may be a few miles away, but moving to the country doesn’t mean you won’t have neighbors. It’s worth it to spend some time getting to know them if possible. If your neighbors have lived in the area longer than you then they can give you some insight about the local amenities. In addition, if you’re ever facing an emergency and need help from the people closest to your home, your neighbors could end up being who you call. You can also foster some great friendships this way!

Keep Lighting in Your Home

Rural areas don’t have the ever-present light from businesses and streetlights that cities do. This can be uncomfortable for some and just impractical for others. Consider your light needs in your new home and prepare for them. Try a motion activated nightlight for any times you need to get up in the night. Motion lights can be installed outside as well if necessary. You can also keep flashlights available for any quick nighttime errands you may find you have, and it’s wise to keep a flashlight with batteries in your vehicle.

Maintain Your Transportation

Rural areas may have roads that have potholes popping up all the time, or unpaved roads that can get muddy and slick when it rains. If this is the case for your area make sure your vehicle will withstand the elements. Also prepare for the possibility of getting your vehicle stuck somewhere one day. Four-wheel drive vehicles generally do better in this situation.

Another issue that’s usually new to those moving to rural areas is not having reliably close gas stations. Make sure you know where the closest places to fuel up are and pay attention to your gas gage. There’s nothing like getting home and realizing you have barely enough gas to get to a gas station the next day.

Carrying a flashlight with fresh batteries and an approved container for transporting gas in an emergency are a good idea for stocking your vehicle before your move.

Get a Few Warm Clothes

While most of Texas enjoys warm weather for the majority of the year, rural areas can get cold in winter. Make sure you have a heavy jacket and some boots to deal with cold and mud should the need arise.

Adapt to Animals

There are few wild animals that will truly bother you even in rural Texas, but it’s a good idea to prepare for them anyway. For example, if you install motion activated lights outside your home, prepare to have them occasionally turned on by animals passing by. Research how to deer-proof your garden or yard if you’re planning to keep one. Make sure that your trash is secured so that raccoons don’t scatter it around. It’s also advised to keep pets inside or in the yard to avoid them being bothered by coyotes or even raccoons, especially while your pets are getting familiar with the area.

The Bottom Line

Going from a city setting to a rural one can be a surprise at first, but preparing for the changes ahead of time can help make your experience living in the country more pleasant much faster.

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