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Tips for Safely Moving to a New Home During COVID-19

Moving Tips

Everyday activities and celebrations have been turned upside down during the coronavirus pandemic as we find a way to do things safely. Moving to a new home is an important and exciting life milestone, but it is also a task which we need to be sure to navigate safely. It is possible to get the entire task done and to make safely moving a breeze when everyone involved is mindful of a few safety tips and does their part to ensure the health and safety of others.

Complete As Much of the Process Virtually as Possible

As we have learned how to carry out day to day tasks throughout the pandemic, you will already be doing as much as possible remotely. In both your search for a moving company, and in the actual moving process, complete as many of the necessary tasks virtually as is possible. Do a home walkthrough to obtain a quote remotely, sign contracts, and hash out the details with your movers online in order to minimize contact and the spread of germs.

Sanitize Your Home and Belongings

Before the movers arrive, take the time to sanitize your home and belongings. This step is as much for your safety as it is for the safety of your movers. While you may have been diligent about wiping down surfaces and commonly touched items, the novel coronavirus can live on some surfaces for weeks under the right conditions. Now is a great time to make sure everything in your home is wiped down before you, the family, and the movers come in contact with anything.

Sanitize the New Place

Before the movers begin hauling all your possessions into the new home, take some time to sanitize the entire home. Again, it’s important to protect the health and safety of not only you and your family, but the movers while they are working. It only makes sense to place clean and sanitary items in a sanitary environment.

Follow COVID-19 Safety Measures

It is important that both the movers and you continue to follow COVID-19 safety measures while carrying out every task. Ensure everyone is wearing a mask properly, maintain a safe distance from each other while working, and continue to wash and sanitize your hands throughout the day as you come in contact with people and items.

Minimize Personal Contact

As important as it is for everyone to stay safe and to continue the practice of keeping minimal contact, designate one person in your party and one person among the moving company to relay messages and information. This means that contact between everyone is kept to a minimum and reduces the possible spread of infection, and it also means that the family can wait in another safe area while the items are moved out of and into the home.

With the right moving company and everyone’s cooperation, it is entirely possible to safely move during COVID-19.

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