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Pros of Moving After Retirement

Moving Tips

Pros of Moving After Retirement

You can Move to a Walk-friendly Place

If you’re retired, you’ve more time than before, which means you can enjoy a more walkable community with many stores, cafes, and parks. Moving somewhere with walking trails, parks, and nature walks is a great idea if you want to enjoy nature near your home.

Can Decrease Your Property Taxes

The taxes will keep increasing when you have children and grandchildren and start families. But if you move away, then your tax bill won’t grow. If your town is a great community where you want to stay but can’t afford to live there anymore, it might be worth moving to another town with lower taxes and better schools.

You can Gather Family Members

Now that you’re retired, it might be time to gather your children and grandchildren close by so they can enjoy your company and help out if they need anything while getting established in their careers. Moving closer to family and into a smaller place may be the best choice for your retirement so you can focus on what really matters most to you.

Cons of Moving After Retirement

Moving can be Expensive

If you move to a new town, sometimes it’s pretty expensive to move and pack up the whole house and all your furniture. Additionally, if you have a lot of things that need to be sold or rented out before you move, this could add up to quite a large sum. But if you find living in the same home for 20 years is getting old, then moving might be a good idea.

Your Health may be Affected

If you get out of shape by driving everywhere or doing activities simultaneously every day, then moving might be bad for your health since your new town is different from your old one. The good news is that you probably don’t have to go to the gym or walk around a nearby park every day; all you have to do is walk more in your everyday life.

You might Lose Your Social Life

If you moved from a small town to a big city, you probably wouldn’t be familiar with all that’s happening in the community. You’d find it challenging to find new friends and ways to stay busy and active, which could be pretty challenging for you. In other communities where everyone is friendly, or if there are many parks and hiking trails nearby, this might not be much of an issue for you.


If you do move, consider the concerns that might come with moving before you do so. If you think you’ll be happier in a new place, then it’s probably best to consider it. But when you’re ready to retire, try not to feel pressured into making any decisions right away. Sometimes, thinking about your options is better than taking the first step.

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