4 Packing Mistakes You Can Avoid: Tips from Your Denton Movers

4 Packing Mistakes You Can Avoid

Moving Tips

The moving process can be such an exciting time as you move into the next stage of life with new opportunities in a new place. When done right, moving can be a low stress, easy transition. However, there are a couple of key mistakes in the moving process that can add to your plate in a negative way. One way to ease the pressure while you are moving is to avoid some of these common packing mistakes.

Not Having a Plan

You could just throw what you own into boxes. You could just dive into packing no holds barred. But should you? You might feel like the best place to start in packing is with tape and a box, but there are actually crucial steps you should take before hand in order to get the most out of your time now and when you are unpacking later. Take an inventory of what you own organized by rooms and categories, then you can decide what really needs to be packed together and how. This is also huge in the unpacking process because you will have a detailed list correlating with appropriately labeled boxes. Also, this is the best way to know what you really have and maybe even decide what you have that you don’t really need. Getting rid of those excess items that you discover in the inventory process can really help the moving process, and it allows you to truly start fresh in your new place from the moment you get there!

Over Packing

It might seem like a good time saving idea to try and fit as much as you can in each box, but you might be causing more harm than good with this method. While you can purchase those extra large lowes packing boxes, resist the urge to use these primarily. Not only are you more likely to damage the items in the box due to over packing, but you don’t want yourself, your friends, or your movers to be lifting and hauling unnecessarily heavy boxes. This will wear you out faster than you think and can also cause injury. You will find that it is actually more time efficient to use more smaller boxes for the bulk of your belongings that can easily and quickly be moved to and fro.

Not Having an Essentials Pack

Remember that you might not be packed, moved, and unpacked in one single day. In fact, you probably won’t. Don’t forget about the things you are going to need in the meantime. These are items like toilet paper, soap, medications, a change of clothes, bottled water and non-perishable snacks. This is another time where making a plan before packing really comes in handy as it will help you not get stuck overnight without the essentials that you need.


Do yourself a favor and estimate how long it will take to actually pack your space and then add a few extra days onto that. One of the biggest stressors in moving comes from waiting too long to start packing. Don’t underestimate how long it will take, and give yourself enough time for those unexpected emergencies that inevitably come up when you’re already overwhelmed. Don’t just factor in time for packing, but deep cleaning the space afterwards, too. There’s no need to get stuck doing late night (or all night) tasks in a rush the night before moving. Give yourself a breather, and don’t wait until the last minute to start your moving process!

Overlooking Professional Denton Movers

One final mistake people often make when packing before a move is thinking they need to do all the packing themselves. In truth, a moving company can do more than just loading and unloading a moving truck; many companies offer moving box packing services as well. Hiring professionals to help you pack your boxes not only decreases your work and stress load, but also ensures you don’t accidentally damage your belongings by improperly packing or overextending yourself. If you need to find moving companies in Denton TX or anywhere in the DFW area, consider hiring our local Denton movers at Great White Moving Company. They’ll ensure your packing is finished quickly, efficiently, and safely!

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