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Tips For A Successful Local Move
From Your Local Movers in Fort Worth TX

Moving Tips

Local moves may seem easier than long distance moves or moving between states. However, local moves can come with their own set of complications, and planning for them ahead of time can help keep your move stress-free. In fact, some of the steps to a successful move start long before moving day, as you’ll see below.

Preparing For Your Move

As soon as you know you’re moving, it’s time to start preparing for it. Determine which services you use in your home (such as electric, water, internet, etc.) that you’ll be able to transfer to your new location, and which services cannot be transferred and must be replaced. It’s not always the case, but even if you’re only moving a few blocks within the same city, some service providers may not cover your new area. It’s best to know this information as soon as possible ahead of time so that you can find new options if necessary.

Find Out About Your New Area

You likely have a few specific places you frequent, at least when you need their services (such as doctors, dentists, mechanics, and more). Check distances online and make sure that you’ll still be able to use these locations, or if other branches exist that would be closer to your new home. It can also be helpful to search for other useful places, such as grocery stores, local libraries, or any other place your new home might increase the commute to.

Complete Address Updates

Updating your address with the required authorities and elsewhere can be a time consuming task, so making a plan to do so before the day of the move is a good idea. The top places to change your address are usually on your driver’s license and with the post office. You can also request mail forwarding from your old address to your new one through the post office, but make sure to check how long they can schedule forwarding. Often they can only do so for a limited time, and you’ll want that to start as near to your moving day as possible.

Find a Local Moving Company

Even for a local move, hiring a moving company can save you a lot of stress on moving day. Do your research online. Check company reviews, and ensure you use a moving company that is fully licensed and insured. You can also ask friends and relatives for recommendations, especially if they live in the area or have worked with moving companies before. Once you find the best moving company, make sure that you have any information they might need, and ensure you know exactly what services you’ll be getting on moving day.

Pack Early and Pack Effectively

Packing is usually one of everyone’s least favorite parts of a move, but it doesn’t have to be. The first step is to declutter your home before moving. Go through your clothes and any items you may not use anymore and donate anything you decide not to take with you. Next, make sure you have containers for moving. Check with your moving company to find out what they recommend or if they offer moving boxes. Finally, pack your items with as much organization as possible. Something as small as labeling all boxes clearly can make unpacking much easier.

After the Move

Once you’ve moved, congratulations! You can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. To keep your unpacking organized and less stressful, try unpacking one room at a time. This can help ensure every item ends up where you intended it to go, and that you can enjoy a sense of accomplishment every time you complete a room.

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