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Denton, TX Relocation Guide


Downtown Denton TX

Home to over 130,000 residents, Denton Texas (located in Denton County) is a fast-growing mid-sized city on the outskirts of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Located far north-central of the metroplex, it’s about a 45 minute drive to both downtown Dallas and downtown Fort Worth, making it a perfect location to avoid the hustle and bustle of the big cities, while being close enough to make a trip down to either both quick and convenient.

No matter what brings you to Denton, you’ll find there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. From beautiful, historic homes to sleek, modern ones, you’re sure to find your dream house here. Not to mention the wide variety of offerings the city provides, from great schools & colleges to delicious bars, fun nightlife, great shopping, plenty of parks and trails, and more, there’s plenty for everyone here!

The median household income for the area is right around $60,000/year, and the cost of housing and real estate in the city is on par with other cities in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. If you look at any cost of living calculator, you’ll find that the cost of living is about 8% lower than the national average and is considerably more affordable than many other areas in DFW. Be sure to talk with a local realtor to find the ideal housing based on your needs, wants, and budget.

Below, we’ve put together a handy Denton TX Relocation Guide that covers education, career opportunities, fun things to do, and tips to help make your move go as smoothly as possible.

If you need a Denton mover, contact Great White Movers for all your relocation needs. We’ve love to help take away the stress of your move so you can get situated and start enjoying this great city!

Working in Denton

Office workers discussing a project on a computer screen

While many residents of Denton choose to make the 40-mile commute to Dallas or Fort Worth for work (those who don’t work remotely), many residents choose to work within Denton. With a large population, the city offers plenty of opportunities for starting or growing a career. Some of the most popular employment opportunities with the largest employers in town include the local school district, the universities, and Peterbilt, which is based out of Denton.

Schools & Education

Denton ISD has over 30,000 students enrolled in the various schools within the district. This large district includes several campuses for students from early learning through high school ages and continues to grow. In addition, higher education opportunities are also available nearby.

Elementary Schools

Elementary school teacher working with a student

Denton ISD consists of several quality elementary schools, including Ryan Elementary School, Nelson Elementary School, Houston Elementary School, and 21 others. Many of these schools receive high marks in terms of parent/student satisfaction when it comes to childcare, making the area a great place to move if you have young children or are looking to start a family.

Middle Schools

Boy sitting at a desk in a middle school classroom

The ISD is also home to eight middle schools, including highly rated public schools such as McMath, Strickland, and Calhoun Middle Schools, and well-regarded private schools such as Luminary School.

High Schools

High school students working with technology

The city has four primary high schools, with Denton High School, Guyer High School, and Ryan High School being the largest at over 2,000 students each. While each high school has its own merits, Guyer rates the highest when it comes to test scores and college readiness.


College students taking their seats before a lecture

Denton can be considered a college town as it is home to two major college campuses: University of North Texas and Texas Women’s University. UNT is one of the largest universities in Texas and offers a variety of bachelor degrees across all major fields of study. TWU excels at offering programs in nursing, education, health sciences, and arts & sciences for women from all over the country.

Things to Do in Denton

This suburb city isn’t all work and no play! Denton offers many fun pastimes for residents and visitors, and is particularly well known for its active music scene. Below are some of our favorite events and places to go in Denton.


Burger and fries on a restaurant plate

There’s no shortage of delicious restaurants in Denton. No matter what types of food you enjoy, you’re sure to find some amazing dining options. There are hundreds of restaurants in Denton and the surrounding area, so it would be impossible to list them all here. Instead, here’s a few local favorites to try!


LSA Burger Co. is a great place to grab a burger and enjoy live music… there’s even a patio rooftop to enjoy when the weather is nice! R G Burgers & Grill is another local favorite where you can enjoy a variety of patties, salads, and hotdogs.

Mexican Food

Many would argue that the abundance of delicious Mexican and Tex-Mex food is one of the best things about living in Texas, and Denton is no exception. It would be impossible to list all of the Mexican restaurants that are worth a visit, but Rusty Taco is a great option if you’re looking for delicious tacos. If you want some solid Tex-Mex plates, be sure not to miss visiting GreenHouse.


It’s hard to pick which pizza restaurants offer up the best slices, but you can’t go wrong with Crooked Crust or Pizza Snob, which are two of the most popular options—and for good reason! Quality toppings, fantastic sauces, and delightful crusts make either a solid choice to satiate your pizza cravings.

Italian Food

If you’re wanting Italian food and pizza won’t cut it, there are plenty of Italian restaurants in the area to enjoy. Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant might have the most authentic food in town, where the chef-owner is from central Italy and serves up classic cuisine. Bagheri’s is another great option, as well.


“I Love Sushi” isn’t just a statement–it’s also one of Denton’s premiere sushi spots. With a unique, modern atmosphere, fresh fish, and plenty of beer and sake to enjoy, you can’t go wrong. Keiichi is another great local restaurant, but they don’t open until dinner so be sure to keep that in mind!


Hannah’s serves up some delicious seafood in an old-timey blacksmith shop. Its combination of its unique atmosphere and tasty dishes make for a great date night or a fun meal out with friends. If you’re looking for a more casual meal, Hoochies is a great place to grab fried fish and oysters.


Denton TX fine arts center

Denton is home to several yearly festivals that us locals love participating in! From arts and jazz to rodeos and storytelling, there’s plenty for you, friends, and family to enjoy!

Denton Arts and Jazz Festival

This popular festival is held annually to celebrate art and entertainment. The event has historically been open to the general public free of charge, and is one of the largest attractions in the area.

Denton Arts Walk of Fame

The walk of fame installation is a popular place to visit in Denton. It honors many artists and musicians. Visitors will recognize the names of musicians such as Norah Jones, Bob Rogers, and more.

North Texas State Fair and Rodeo

This nine day event celebrates western heritage in the area. Many popular country and popular musicians perform at the fair every year.

Texas Storytelling Festival

This event celebrates a different kind of performance. Every year events are held around the city during this weekend festival featuring well-known performers and many free sessions.

Denton Square Photo Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for an excuse to walk around downtown Denton, this photo scavenger hunt is a fun challenge. There are twelve places participants must find and photograph in order to claim a prize from the Discover Denton Welcome Center.

Parks & Trails

Girl playing with bubbles at a park

Denton TX is home to a whopping 38 parks, 28 trails, and 28 playgrounds, so if you’re a nature-lover you’ll have plenty to explore during your free time. While covering each park’s benefits in details would be a separate guide on its own, here’s a quick look at a few of the most popular parks in the area.

South Lakes Park

South Lakes Park is a large 187-acre park that is home to a playground, four pavilions, several dozen picnic tables, a dozen grills, basketball courts, dog stations, and more. It’s home to a 2 mile trail and basketball, tennis, and sand volleyball courts so you can get some exercise in while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Plus, if you enjoy fishing there is a lake with fishing piers you can set up at to spend the day!

Quakertown Park

Quakertown Park is a 32-acre park that has an amphitheater and stage where live music is performed and where the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival is hosted. In addition, there are playgrounds, grills, and picnic tables if you’re looking for a nice place to host a get-together with friends and family.

McKenna Park

McKenna Park is a smaller 18-acre neighborhood park that houses two playgrounds, a basketball court, and pavilions and picnic tables where community members host parties and get-togethers. While it doesn’t offer as many amenities as some of the other parks in the city, its convenient location makes it a popular destination for many.

Lake Lewisville

Lake Lewisville is only a short drive away, so if you enjoy spending your day on the water, you’re in luck! Rent a boat or a jet ski and take your friends and family tubing or fishing to create memories you’ll never forget! Grapevine lake is another popular choice if you want a change of scenery.

Other Activities

Denton Community Market sign

The above are just a few of the activities Denton has to offer! Our Denton movers know the area well and are always happy to make recommendations about places to go and things to see in the city and surrounding areas.

Moving & Getting Situated in Denton

Moving to, around, or relocating away from Denton can be a lot of work, but some planning can help make your move more pleasant. Our Denton moving company has put together some helpful tips to help you prepare for the process.


Napkin with the words "declutter, keep, recycle, trash, sell, donate"

One of the most important steps is planning properly. There are some important details you’ll need to consider and factor in so you can ensure you don’t have any headaches as moving day approaches and arrives. The two most important things to know are your budget and important dates.

Important Dates

There are a few important dates you’ll need to hammer down as soon as possible once you’ve decided you’ll be moving. The first date you’ll need to know is what day you need to be out of your current house or apartment. The other date you’ll need to know is your move in date for your new home.

Once you know these dates, you’ll be able to plan accordingly by determining if you’ll need to get a storage unit to temporarily store your belongings (in the event of a gap between move-out and move-in dates), when to book moving services or reserve your rental truck, and when to have current utilities and services (power, water, trash, internet, cable/satellite, etc.) turned off at your current home and turned on at your new home so you don’t have to do without.


Knowing how much you can afford to spend for your move will determine whether you can hire professional movers or if it might be better to move your belongings yourself. While the cost of renting a moving truck and moving everything yourself is cheaper than utilizing moving services, the workload will be significantly higher.

In addition, if you wind up needing to move your furniture and possessions without the aid of professionals, you might want to ask friends and family to help with your heavier and bulkier belongings. This can be an inconvenience, so be sure to give them plenty of heads up so they can plan ahead.

Whichever route you choose, it’s important you reserve what you need well in advance based on your moving date. If you’re tackling this project by yourself, be sure to reserve the right size moving truck and necessary equipment (dollies, furniture pads, blankets, etc.) from a local provider. If you’re going to hire movers, be sure to confirm the date with them ad reserve your timeslot.


A woman taping a moving box.

After you know your move-out date, it’s a good idea to start packing with plenty of time to if possible. Start by packing non-essentials that you won’t miss until you’re settled into your new place. This includes out-of-season clothes, excess dishware and cookware, DVDs and knickknacks, etc. Be sure to label your boxes so you know what boxes go in which rooms, and what each box contains without having to dig into it (which will make unpacking much easier).

If you’re hiring a moving company, you may want to look into using a packing service if they offer it to make your move even easier. Having professional movers properly pack some or all of your belongings–especially your more fragile items–can help reduce the chances of damage during your move. Pros have experience with properly securing goods, so if your budget allows for a packing service, it’s a worthwhile investment to save you time and better protect your belongings.

Whether you choose to pack all your belongings yourself or decide to have experts handle it for you, you’ll want to keep your essentials in an easy-to-access bag so you don’t have to scramble to find items such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, medications, a few changes of clothes, etc., while you start getting settled into your new home.

Moving Day

Residential Moving Company

All of your planning, prepping, and packing will eventually lead to the most important day of the process: moving day.

Professional Movers

If you’re hiring movers to help you, your moving day will be a lot less stressful than if you go it alone. They’ll show up at the time agreed upon when you reserved your service, and will handle all of the heavy lifting for you. If you packed your boxes yourself, be sure to put them in easy-to-access areas to help speed the process up so you can get to your new home faster.

If you paid to have your belongings packed, your movers will either box and load your belongings in one go, or they will have already done the packing an earlier day so everything will be ready to load up.

The team will then transport your items safely to your new home and get everything unloaded for you. You can show them what boxes will go in what rooms (based on the labels on the boxes), which will make unpacking much easier.

Moving on Your Own

If you’re doing a DIY move, you’ll want to arrive to pick up your truck rental about 30 minutes before your reservation time. This will give you time to complete the check-in process (verifying your identity, getting the keys, etc.) and take photos of any existing damage so you aren’t charged for damages you didn’t cause without eating into your rental time window.

Once you pick up your truck, it’s a race against the clock to get everything loaded up and relocated to your new home. The more you prepared, the easier the process of loading up will be.

After you’ve loaded everything up, double-check to ensure everything is well-secured in the truck. The last thing you want is for your flat-screen TV or glassware to fall over and break during the drive.

After you’ve arrived at your new home, you’ll need to unload your truck and get it back to the rental location you selected when you made your reservation. If you have time, you can put each box in its appropriate room so you don’t have to sort through them later, but if you’re running out of time with your reservation you may need to put all your boxes and furniture in an easy-to-access room so you can return your truck without dealing with any late fees. Once you’ve returned, you can start sorting and unpacking.

Getting Situated

Family in new home

Once you’ve gotten all of your boxes and furniture to your new home, you’re halfway through. If you hired a moving company, you may find you have the energy to start getting situated right away. If you moved everything yourself, it may be best to get your key furniture (bed, couch) in the right spots and take it easy for a bit.

Either way, moving can be a draining process, so it may be worth grabbing some food from a local Denton restaurant or get food delivered so you don’t have to deal with cooking and washing dishes.

Remember that unpacking your home will be a process that will likely take several days (to weeks) to complete, but it’ll be worth the effort when you’re finally settled in.


Downtown Denton TX

Denton is a great city to live in! From great education and career opportunities to delicious foods, beautiful parks, and fun events & nightlife, there’s plenty for everyone!

If you’re moving to, from, or around Denton or the Dallas Fort Worth area and want to make the process as pain-free as possible, contact the moving professionals at Great White Moving Company to discuss your move! No move is to far, we’ve helped people move to and from Denton from everywhere from other cities in the metroplex such as Dallas, Grapevine, Plano, and Carrollton to other big Texas cities such as San Antonio, Austin, and Houston–to cities all across the U.S.

Our team is local to the area and has been offering a reliable relocation service for current and soon-to-be residents get situated in their new homes for years, and we’d love to help you next!