Moving in the Rain: Tips for Keeping Clean and Dry

Moving in the Rain: Tips for Keeping Clean and Dry

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Today is the day, moving day is finally here. But then, the unexpected happens. A downpour starts and it looks like you may have to postpone moving or risk getting things wet in the rain. Don’t let a little rain stop you from moving into your new home as planned.

While you might never have thought about it, you can move in the rain without ruining your stuff. A few extra steps is all it takes to protect yourself and your belongings from the rain. Here are a few tips for making the move in rainy weather while staying clean and dry.

Protect Your Stuff From the Rain

A light sprinkling of rain won’t do much damage but a lot of rain can ruin things like mattresses, furniture, and clothing. Cover things that are not waterproof and pack things in plastic to keep your belongings clean and dry. Use these ideas for packing to keep dry:

  • Use heavy-duty corrugated packing boxes
  • Pack weather-sensitive items in plastic totes
  • Cover mattresses with plastic mattress covers
  • Pack clothes in heavy duty trash bags with hole for hangers
  • Put small items in Ziplock bags to keep dry
  • Cover wood furniture with old blankets or a tarp

Have the Truck Close By

The best thing you can do to keep your stuff out of the rain as much as possible is to move the truck closer to the front door of your house. This minimizes the amount of time boxes are exposed to the rain. If your house has a porch the truck can back right up to the steps and have a little rain cover from the roof.

Make a Box Brigade

To minimize the time they are outside in the rain, place boxes in a central area close to the front door. You can designate one person to organize things and another to load boxes in the truck to minimize the chaos.

Another option is to have one person inside the house and one outside so they can pass the boxes back and forth without tracking rain and mud inside the house. If everything is in one place it keeps muddy foot tracks from getting all over the house and minimizes fall hazards from rain-slicked floors.

Dress for the Weather

A good waterproof jacket and pair of boots with thick socks are a must for staying dry. If you have a rain coat that is good but if not, a jacket that repels water will work just fine. The idea is to stay dry and warm while moving your belongings.

Do things the same way if it is still raining when you reach the new house. Park the truck as close to the door as possible, cover everything that comes out of the truck, and move boxes in assembly style to keep from tracking mud inside the new house. Keep an old towel handy for wiping things off before coming inside.

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