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Moving Your Corporate Office

Moving Tips

Moving your business into a new office building is often a good sign – your business is growing, becoming more successful, or you’re getting a better deal on your office space. However, the move itself may seem like an overwhelming task at first. Coordinating with staff and clients, packing up and moving office equipment, and setting up in the new space is certainly a lot to deal with. If you take a few planned steps throughout the process, it can help make your move to a new office space a much smoother one.

Coordinate with Employees and Clients

When planning the move, be sure to give your staff a timeline, being as specific as possible. Let them know times and dates and what responsibilities will be expected of them during office breakdown and set up at the new location. If necessary, let clients know of the situation in advance as well.

This is obviously necessary for any businesses that work with clients at the business location. However, it can also be good to let clients who are assisted remotely know that there may be some brief interruptions in your services during the office move.

You may also need to make preparations for employees to work temporarily from home. If there are specific security measures or technology issues that must be dealt with for this to happen, ensure that your staff are made aware of them well in advance.

Plan Your Office Breakdown and Set Up

In your moving timeline you’ll also want to include plans for packing things up and also for unpacking at the new location. Give yourself and your staff plenty of time to accomplish this so that fewer mistakes are made by rushing through processes like setting up new networks and phones.

Know your and your staff’s moving responsibilities as well. When working with a professional moving company, many offer packing services, or at least packing materials if you choose to pack your office yourself.

While a moving service will move all of your office computers and provide insurance for their work, it’s a good idea to make sure that any important data is backed up before the move. This task will have to be accomplished by you and your staff, not the moving company.

Choose When to Move

Determining the actual date of the move is the most integral piece of your moving timeline as it lets you plan activities that need to occur in advance and afterward by the hour.

Sometimes a weekend move is the best idea. If your office is usually closed on the weekends then you won’t be cutting into productivity time as much. If your office is open all week, cutting into productivity time may be unavoidable so you can choose any day that works best for you.

Use Professional Movers

Using a professional moving company for your office move is a good idea. This will likely save you time and also prevent incredible hassle on your part. Moving furniture from your own home is difficult enough – doing it for an entire office would be impractical.

Professional movers bring their own moving equipment and insure their work. Moving things yourself without insurance or equipment is quite a risk, considering the many expenses you could incur from accidental damages.

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