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Grapevine, Tx Relocation Guide


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Grapevine Texas is a city located in Tarrant County, North Texas, and is where around 59,000 people call home.

Grapevine is known for it’s Historic downtown that has a wide range of activities ranging from Boutique shopping, restaurants, winery tasting rooms, and art galleries to a Historic Train called the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. All anchored by main street, this diverse downtown area is sure to provide you fun for years to come.

You will probably find yourself not needing to leave Grapevine with all the entertainment and shopping available in town.

If you do find yourself needing to leave Grapevine, Just 30 minutes away is North Dallas and East Dallas where you can enjoy trendy neighborhoods such as the Bishop Arts District, Highland Park and Oak Lawn. Or you can enjoy a Dallas Mavericks game at the American Airlines Center or a FC Dallas game at The Toyota Stadium.

A quick 30 minute drive the other direction, Fort Worth has many historical music venues and restaurants in the legendary stock yards. You can also enjoy a Texas Rangers baseball game or a Dallas Cowboys football game down the road in Arlington, Texas.

Living in Grapevine

Whatever your interests are, living in Grapevine gives you the opportunities you need to thoroughly enjoy the life you are living.

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The median income for a Grapevine household is around 91,000 a year. The cost of living in Grapevine is 7% lower compared to other United States Cities, and the housing prices are 20% lower compared to the national average. These factors make Grapevine Texas a good place to raise a family.

Below, we have accumulated all the necessary information in this Grapevine Tx Relocation Guide that will help you out with your relocation to Grapevine. It goes over working in Grapevine Tx, education opportunities, stuff to do in town, as well as some other ideas on how to make your move simple and effortless!

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Working in Grapevine

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The most common industries in Grapevine are Professional, Scientific, and technical services. In Grapevine, the unemployment rate is 33% lower than the national average, making Grapevine Texas a great prospect when it comes to a place to find a flourishing career. One of the most popular employers is Lockheed Martin, a major developer of space and defense systems. Grapevine has its own Grapevine Chamber of Commerce as well which has dedicated itself since 1952 to help create an environment that’s friendly for businesses, which has really helped small businesses in Grapevine to flourish and be successful employers in the city.

In addition to all of the work opportunities that Grapevine has to offer you in itself, access to the nearby thriving cities is a bonus! Grapevine is situated between three major Texas cities: Ft. Worth, Dallas, and Denton County, but has the benefits of a small Texas town. Grapevine is only about a 20 – 30 minute drive from both downtown Dallas and downtown Fort Worth. You are able to enjoy so many wonderful aspects of this exciting town while still having the benefits of being in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Schools & Education

Elementary Schools

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Grapevine – Colleyville Independent School District is Home to many different Elementary Schools including Iuniversity Prep, Grapevine Elementary School, as well as Heritage and Cannon Elementary Schools. These schools are all great choices and rank above average in Test Scores and Student Progress.

Middle Schools

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When it comes to Middle Schools, Grapevine – Colleyville Independant School district has some great options. Iuniversity Prep, Cross Timbers Middle, and Grapevine Middle rank among the highest and best in the district.

High Schools

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Iuniversity Prep and Grapevine High School are the highest-ranking schools in the district and offer many different opportunities for your students when it comes to college prep and standardized testing preparedness.


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Because of the central location of Grapevine, Texas, the higher-level education options are in abundance. Grapevine is an easy commute to University of North Texas, The University of Texas at Dallas, Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University in University Park, Tx, Texas Women’s University, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical school, and many more. If you are a college student looking for somewhere in the United States to move to in order to pursue academics at some of the best schools in North America, or if you already live in Grapevine and want to move closer to your campus, Great White Moving is here to help you get the job done in a quick and easy manner.

Things to Do in Grapevine:

This city is filled with plenty of places to go and things to do in your free time!


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One of the best seafood restaurants in town is Big Fish Seafood Grill & Bar on Main Street in downtown Grapevine. They have the freshest cuts of fish and some really lovely appetizers. Come by and check out one of their signature cocktails.


If you are looking for really fresh sushi dishes, check out Daan Sushi Asian Bistro and Bar. They serve up sushi boats and cool house rolls as well as an excellent experience. Right by Grapevine Mills Mall, this hidden gem is sure to make any dinner an unforgettable one.


Check out Jakes Burgers and Beer on Main street in Historic downtown Grapevine. Their poppy seed coated buns and fun flavor combinations are sure to wow your senses! This neighborhood restaurant has a full-service bar and also has wheelchair accessibility.


Check out Mi Dia From Scratch on Main Street. Everything is scratch-made and prepared fresh. You can’t go wrong with the Quail or Duck! This place is sure to elevate your senses.


Wise Guys Pizzeria is an amazing pizza joint if you are looking for a truly amazing experience. They give out free garlic bread and have a beautiful patio. The pizza is one of a kind and sure to be a hit with the whole family.


Check out Cafe Italia! Its been given awards as the best Italian food in Grapevine, Tx by the locals. They provide patrons with a comfortable yet intimate dining experience. It is recommended for date nights and special occasions.


Bobs Steak and Chophouse is one of the top restaurants and best places for a good time in all of Grapevine. Serving up beautiful cuts of meat, award-winning wine collections, and signature cocktails, this place is sure to shine for a special night out.

Cool Places to Check Out

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Grapevine Lake:

If you love the outdoors, you’re in luck! Grapevine Lake has a 60-mile coastline and is the perfect getaway you need when you do not have the luxury of actually getting away. This perfect lake is situated conveniently for you to enjoy on a fishing boat, ski boat, or any other form of water recreational fun. Also a great site for camping!

Grapevine Mills Mall:

If shopping is your pastime of choice, look no further! With over 200 stores, the Grapevine Mills Mall is the best place for an extensive list of shops to patron. A diverse-scale shopping haven, you are likely to find whatever you need or want at this wonderful mall.

Grapevine Vintage Railroad:

This experience is fun for the whole family. This historic rail line offers you an incredible experience that takes you back in time. The 1920’s coach car offers an interactive experience coinciding with that trip’s theme. Check online to see what the current theme is and purchase tickets for the experience that you would most enjoy!

Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center:

If you ever need a vacation right in town, you are in luck! This magnificent resort is known for its excellent service and its incredible exhibits. If you have never been to the Gaylord Texan, or the Convention Center we highly recommend this location for entertainment, a family trip with the kids, or a romantic getaway. Check out their upcoming exhibits and enjoy a family-friendly evening.

Grapevine Botanical Garden

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This garden has some of the most scenic and beautiful views in the dallas area. When it comes to the Grapevine Botanical Gardens, residents can really enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature all while smelling the fragrant flowers of the Botanical Garden.

Great Wolf Lodge

One of the best places in Grapevine to find fun for the whole family is Great Wolf Lodge. It features a huge swimming pool, lodging, an aerial obstacle course, restaurants, water slides, arcades, ice cream parlors, and more. This gem is your ticket to escape reality and make some lasting memories with your loved ones.

Dallas County State Fair

One of the best experiences in the Dallasfort Worth area is the State Fair of Texas which features some of the best fair food, rides, and wildlife exhibits in the state of Texas. People come from all over to attend this fair, so its safe to say that it’s a big deal when it comes to state fairs. Come on out and take a picture with Big Tex!

Parks & Trails

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Grapevine has some truly amazing parks and trails!

Parks located on Lake Grapevine

One of the most beautiful lakes in North Texas, Grapevine lake, is studded with gorgeous parks and sites for camping. Located just two miles down State Highway 121 Some of the favorites are:

Rockledge Park

This park is found to the East of Lake Grapevine. It features tons of picnic tables with grills, a party Pavillion, an Entrance to a hiking and biking trail, as well as Kayak rentals and a General Store.

Oak Grove Park

This is the largest park on the lake. It features boat ramps, Big Daddys Restaurant and Ship store, a marina, Baseball, and Soccer fields as well as Running/ Biking trails and a sand Volleyball court.

Meadowmere Park

This park features camping grounds, a children’s playground, boat ramps, 3 boat docks, Kayak rentals, nature trails, and great spots for bird watching.

Nash Farm

This is a place that the whole family will enjoy. This historic site will let you step into the past and have an experience of what life was like in the 19th century on a farm! With an 1869 farmhouse, barn, and various livestock and heirloom food crops, Nash Farm is a great experience. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the scenery!

Other Activities

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Even if you do not need a grandiose activity scheduled, the historic downtown main street of Grapevine, Texas, is the perfect quaint environment to spend a Saturday afternoon. Take a stroll and marvel at the mid-nineteenth century architecture mixed with modern shops and restaurants. Or go to one of the many seasonal events in the city, like the Grapevine Pumpkin Patch! Afterwards enjoy a pleasant evening with your friends and family, eating at local restaurants and supporting your local residents and community. Being a part of a beautiful and thriving community full of friendly residents is the best part about living in Grapevine, Texas!

Moving & Getting Situated 


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Planning your move is very important. There are many factors to take into consideration during this process so you can ensure that everything goes smoothly and without any issues or problems. It’s important to know the budget you have set aside for the move as well as a couple of key dates and deadlines, including your moving date and when items will need to be out of your old home.

Important Dates

When planning for an upcoming move, one of the most important factors that goes into planning is when exactly you will be moving out of your old home or apartment and when you are moving into your new home or appartment. Knowing these dates makes planning everything else so much easier.

Once you have these dates set in stone you will need to determine any extra steps you might have to take when moving such as getting rid of unwanted items, putting things in storage, hiring a moving service, or even booking a moving truck.


It’s important to figure out how much you can afford to spend before you choose your moving options. There are many factors that will affect the total cost of your move, so it is especially important to be realistic when considering how much money you want to spend. For example, if your home has a lot of stairs and lots of difficult corners, it might be better to hire movers who have more experience with those kinds of moves.

Sometimes asking for help with moving can be the best idea. The best help you can get will come from a moving professional, but if you do not want to go that route you can also get your friends and family to help you with the move.

No matter how you decide to move, whether it be with your friends and family or if you decide to utilize the expertise of a professional, you should consider planning or reserving the services you need in advance based upon the date that you have set for your move.


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Starting packing early is always a good idea. Waiting till the last minute can result in things getting misplaced, left behind or damaged. Starting the process early can give you time to really pack up every room properly and with intent, and will make unpacking that much more easier when you arrive to your new home.

Hiring a packing service can come to a great aid when it comes to packing up for your move. If the company you are looking into hiring has packing services, you should really consider adding this to your moving package. It can help to have professionals who know what specific needs each of your items will need when it comes to getting them to their destination safely.

Moving Day

moving truck getting packed up on moving day

Everything you have been doing to plan your move has been leading up to this amazingly important day. Its Moving day!

Professional Movers

Hiring movers makes it so much easier than moving all by yourself. You just schedule the service, and they show up and make quick work of moving all your items. Not to mention they do all the heavy lifting for you.

Also, if you paid for packing service, the moving team you hired will come inside your home with packing materials in hand and get all your personal items packed up and ready for the move! This takes even more stress and worry out of your move.

Next comes transportation time. The movers will put all your items into the truck and take them to the destination – your brand new home or appartment. They then will place the items in the designated rooms for you.

Moving on Your Own

If you have decided to go it alone on with the process of moving, there are a few things to consider. You will want to arrive early to the moving truck company to pick up your rental. This gives you time to fill out all the paperwork needed for the rental without actually eating into your allotted rental time.

Once you are in the truck, it’s time to head off to your old home and get everything packed. If your family or friends are coming to help you, you’ll want to make sure that they know what time you are going to be arriving with the moving truck.

After you have gotten everything loaded into the truck, it’s smart to do a walk-through of the house and check everywhere there might of been stuff left. This will ensure you don’t have to go back for anything. Say one last goodbye to your old home and get started on the journey to the new home or apartment!

After arriving at your new home, it will be time to race against the clock to get all your items off the truck and into your home. Then you have to make sure to get the truck back in time before your rental period is over so they dont charge you overage fees.

Once you get back from returning the truck, this is where the magic happens, now you can start situating your larger items and making the space light up with your personal flair.

Getting Situated

couple in new home

Now that you are at the point where everything is in your home and ready to be unpacked, you can now start opening boxes. If you have taken the DIY approach and moved everything yourself, you might want to take a rest period between your moving day and the bulk of your unpacking, as you may be tired. If you have hired a professional moving company, then you may have the energy to continue and start unpacking those boxes.

Consider going and grabbing a bite at one of the local Grapevine restaurants we discussed in this guide so you don’t have to worry about cooking while you’re still getting unpacked.

Unpacking is likely to take a few days maybe even a few weeks, so just stay vigilant and know that when you are done it’s going to be the most rewarding feeling to start fully enjoying your new life in your new space!


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Grapevine is a wonderful place to be. With plenty of great jobs, good schools, riveting events, and cool and exciting nightlife, you are sure to be fully satisfied living in this community.

Regardless of where you are going or where you are coming from, Great White Moving Company is one of the best moving companies in Grapevine Texas to help. Let our team of trained professionals get you and your belongings safely to your new location in any Dallas County area, so you can be ready to start this next chapter of your life. We look forward to hearing from you! Give us a call or visit our website!