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Ways to Protect Your Walls When Moving 

Moving Tips

When moving, it is common for things to get damaged. One place that seems to experience an uptick in the concentration of damages overall is the walls of the home. To avoid damages, one must ensure they have put proper measures into the prevention of wall damage. There are several precautions that can be taken when it comes to moving that will help to reduce the overall damage that is done to the walls of your new space.

Hire A Reliable Professional Moving Team

If you have hired professional movers, then property damage should be the least of your worries. Professional relocating experts have been trained on all the ways of being conscious and safe when moving people’s personal items. On top of that, if any damages are done, most relocating companies are insured for the repair of any damages made. The relocating companies also are equipped with tools such as moving blankets and have other methods of protecting your personal items while they are being moved. This is what makes hiring professional moving experts so appealing to those that are planning a move.

Wrap and Disassemble Your Furniture When Relocating

If you opt to go the DIY route and are moving yourself, planning how you are going to move large items is essential. Planning involves organizing and prepping items in a way that they can be moved efficiently and without a high chance of getting damaged or inflicting damage to the surroundings. One of the ways you can be properly prepared for a move is by wrapping and disassembling the furniture that may cause any dents on your walls. The larger the pieces of furniture you plan to move, the more likely they are to get bumped or to ding a wall or door frame. Disassembling helps to break a large piece of furniture into smaller pieces that are less likely to cause damage. It is also a good idea to measure large pieces of furniture and compare the measurements to that of door frames to ensure that no forceful attempts will be needed to get the particular item out of the home. 

Cover The walls with Cardboard

In a scenario where the furniture cannot be disassembled, a good precaution to take is covering corners and edges of furniture with cardboard, as well as covering high traffic areas with cardboard. Cardboard offers protection when a piece of furniture bumps on the walls. Areas that are more prone to dents are the walls near the exits you are using to move the furniture out of the home, so a great idea is to pad the walls with cardboard in those places. The best advantage of cardboard is that it is inexpensive and is easy to attach to the walls without damaging the paint.

Use of Corner Guards

Corner guards are considered the ideal wall protection devices. They offer excellent protection on wall corners. They are also a great way to protect your walls year-round. Installation of corner guards is also easy. Prevention of damage while moving means more money in one’s pocket. 

In conclusion

Walls with dents and damage should be something that can be avoided. Investing in proper measures before moving is the best way to prevent damage. Protecting the walls means protecting your personal property and avoiding digging deeper into your pockets.

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