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Helping Your Pet During A Move

Moving Tips

Moving is stressful for all of us including our pets. The thought of having to pack all of our belongings and move to a different location and a different home is nerve-racking, to say the least. When we get anxious our pets feel it as well. Here are some tips to keep your furry friends safe during your move.

Use a Moving Company

Using a moving company can accomplish a few things that will help make the experience moving better for both you and your pet. First, professional movers take care of a lot of the parts of moving that stress us out most. Moving boxes and furniture up and down stairs is tiring and time-consuming. Having this, and sometimes packing as well, covered will let you concentrate on all the other aspects of moving you’ll need to complete, and will let you relax a little on moving day. A lot of times pets are able to read your emotions. This means that if one stays calm during the whole move it is more than likely that the pets will remain calm as well. Staying relaxed will help your pet stress less when the time to move comes around.

Additionally, having all your things transported for you will let you go straight to your new home with your pet and immediately take care of their needs instead of having to immediately start unpacking to meet rental truck deadlines and more.

Familiarize Pets with Your New Home

There are several things to keep in mind when moving pets. It is a new location so pets are going to be uneasy anyway being taken from a place that they are used to and put in a new place. Let the pets get familiar with the new surroundings. Let them sniff and look at everything that is there. Let them explore the new place as much as they want. A pet when they are dropped into a new place may decide to hide for a while. If that is the case it is okay to let them do that. They will come out when they are ready.

Maintain Your Routine

Don’t change the routine that they are used to. If they are used to getting fed at a certain time, or specific times when they go for walks, keep that the same. A routine that they are familiar with will help them get used to the new surrounding.

Give Pets Plenty of Affection

Keep loving them as they are used to. If they got a lot of love in the old home, keep doing that. It also would not hurt if they got extra love from their owner as they get used to the new surroundings.

Create a Safe Space

It is also a good idea to have a safe place for the pet. Once the boxes and suitcases start taking the house over it is likely that the pet will get scared. Keeping them out of that hectic environment is a good idea. This will keep them less anxious with all the activity that is going on.

Minimize Anxiety-Inducing Situations for Pets

Another good way to keep the pet calm is to minimize anxiety. If a pet feels comfortable being close to the owner then it would not be a bad idea to let the pet follow the owner around. For some animals, they would feel better in a crate, or at a friend’s house until the move is done. This would minimize the anxiety of that pet.

Bring Familiar Toys and Beds

Every pet has their favorite toys. It is a good idea to bring those favorite toys to the new home. If the pet has their favorite toys they may feel more comfortable in the new home.

Moving can stressful for both the owner and the pet, but taking a few extra steps will help keep the anxiety to a minimum and your pet should have no problem getting used to the new surroundings alongside you.

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