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Here are Some Items You Should Definitely Throw Away Before Moving

Moving Tips

Being about to move can be exciting. However, you want to make sure you don’t forget any items that might be important or sentimental. You also want to ensure that everything will fit in your new place before you start filling up boxes with all your stuff. Here are some of the things you can probably throw away before moving:

1. Old Magazines & Paper Products

You might have saved a lot of newspapers, magazines, or other paper products such as files over the years, but it’s time to let them go! Pack up all of these items into a box and drop them off at your local recycling center to get rid of them. You don’t want to move these out of state or across the city only to find out when you get your keys that you don’t have enough space in your new apartment or home to unpack your boxes because you moved a bunch of unnecessary paper products.

2. Old and Outdated Books

There’s always room for one more book to add to your collection, but you’ve probably read some of these books several times over. You can donate them to the library or sell them on sites like Amazon. DonorsChoose.org allows you to donate money in exchange for books that can be sent to students who need them for school assignments. If you don’t want to part with your books, that’s understandable, but even parting with a few books is a good idea to help lighten the load that needs to be relocated.

3. Old Electronics

There’s no need for keeping your old electronics when you’ve got smartphones, tablets, and computers working fine and more advanced technology than before! And even if they’re working okay, it might be a good idea to get rid of the old power cords. Make sure and test the cords beforehand and also look into recycling programs for used electronics. There are many great programs that will reuse the resources in the electronics you no longer use, rather than them going to waste in the trash.

4. Old Clothes Hangers and Picture Frames

These items can be challenging to pack up, especially if they’re a delicate type of garment. You don’t want to spend the time packing these up only to find out when you get into your new apartment or home that there isn’t room for all the clothes you have accumulated over the years.

5. Expired Medications

There’s no reason to take medicine that has expired. They should be thrown away so as not to give harmful bacteria a chance of getting into the water supply to keep your health care costs down in the future. If you have medicine that’s been around for longer than the expiration date, throw it out.

6. Old Bath Products

You should clean out your old bath products and replace them with new ones from a more hygienic store. This will help make room for these new items when you move into your new place. The chemicals in the old ones might have gone bad and will no longer be effective.

The Bottom Line

Get rid of all of the old things inside your apartment or house. Don’t just store them in a closet or a box tucked away in the basement. They will only clutter up your new room and make it difficult to find a space for your belongings.

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