Infographic showing tips for moving

[Infographic] Simple Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Moving Tips

Moving your home or office can be stressful, no matter the distance. Taking the time to plan ahead, prepare and pack properly, and look for a professional Fort Worth moving company can save you a lot of time and worry. We’ve compiled a handy infographic with some great tips for keeping your move stress-free, from beginning to end! Check below for a summary of the information presented.

An infographic illustrating simple steps for a stress-free move. You can find this information in text form below the graphic.

Start Early

When preparing for a move, whether local or long distance, it’s a good idea to start preparing well ahead of time. Create a timeline of tasks that must be done before moving, such as forwarding mail, updating your address with the US Postal Service, and transferring your utilities.

Prepare to Pack

Prepare to pack up your home or office by decluttering. Donate items and clothing you don’t need anymore, and recycle applicable items. Also, make sure to get boxes and bags for packing ahead of time. Many Fort Worth moving companies sell boxes along with their moving services. You can also find used boxes at many retail stores. In addition, it’s helpful to have some sturdy trash bags to pack clothing in.

Packing Tips

Many people dread packing, especially their homes, but taking a few simple steps can help keep the process simple:

  • Label boxes clearly – While it may seem like an extra step when packing, labeling moving boxes clearly will make unpacking in your new location much easier.
  • Pack clothing on the hanger – Keep clothing on the hanger and pack items in trash bags instead of boxes. This will make putting away your packed clothing in your new closet easier than having to put everything back on the hanger.
  • Prepare furniture – Empty drawers and tape them shut to prevent damage during moving.
  • Pack fragile items – Pack fragile items carefully so they won’t be damaged during the move. It’s also a good idea to mark boxes that carry fragile items so they won’t be stacked under other boxes.
  • Set aside important items – Decide what items you’ll need the day or the move and the first night in your new location. When moving your home this might include a change of clothes, toothbrush, and other small items.

Hire Professional Fort Worth Movers

Hiring professional movers makes a home or office move easier. Having extra hands to move heavy items, and an expert crew experienced at driving a moving van, can take a lot of the stress of moving off of your mind.

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