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How to Move Safely With Seniors

Moving Tips

Moving can be stressful and intimidating, especially when coordinating with seniors. Seniors may find it hard to cope with the changes in their environment and may feel uncomfortable and out of place. However, this transition can be a life-changing experience for them, provided you can manage it with patience and understanding.

If your senior parents have health issues, you have to be prepared in case they need medical care during the move.

Here are Some Tips on How to Move Safely with Seniors

1. Effective Communication

The seniors may be worried that the move will make them lose their friends or lead to a change in the quality of their social life. You need to talk with them and address their concerns so they are not reluctant about moving. Additionally, if the senior in your life has any physical limitations or mobility issues, it is important to really plan ahead and make appropriate preparations to ensure that your move goes smoothly as possible. If the senior has problems with mobility or has physical limitations, you can consult an occupational therapist for advice.

Also, traveling can be a source of anxiety for the elderly. Communicating with them and assuring them that their travel will be comfortable and enjoyable will help ease their fears.

2. Allow The Senior To Follow A Routine

Moving is an exciting experience, but it can cause anxiety if there is a change in routine. Seniors may not enjoy being told what to do by others and may need a lot of privacy to adjust to their new surroundings. If possible, try to maintain the same schedule they used to have at their old place. This will help them adjust to their new home faster.

3. Plan Ahead of Time

It’s important to discuss moving plans with the senior before the move. It’s also important that you consult them on all the details, such as the time of moving, the option to keep their old house, picking up and dropping off points, etc. This will help them get on board with the move, and they will be ready with all the necessary things that they will need to adjust to their new environment.

4. Enlist the Help of Relatives When Moving

The senior family members may be unable to participate in the packing and moving process. You can assign some of your family members or friends to assist with packing up and organizing their stuff and moving it to the new place.  It is recommended that you hire a professional cleaner to help you clean and organize the house before moving into it, or just ensuring that you thoroughly clean the new home before moving into it, especially if you are moving with a Senior. Having a clean and sanitary space to move into is extremely important.

5. Employ Professional Movers

Professional movers will play an important role in making your seniors feel comfortable during the move. They will carefully pack your belongings, load and unload them at your new apartment. Hiring a reliable company like Great White Moving Company is the best option as they will get the work done in the least possible time. In addition, they offer a variety of services to their customers. They will also assist you in choosing the necessary equipment for your move, like packing materials and other items required for moving.

Bottom Line

With the tips above, you can help your senior members of the household move with ease and comfort. It is always recommended that you coordinate with them well to make them feel at home as soon as possible. Including them in all aspects of a move is a really important step to insure that they feel comfortable and ready for any move.

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