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Moving to a new house is a stressful activity. While you can save yourself a good deal of the hustle by hiring a reputable moving company, there are some items that movers are not allowed to move or will refuse to move for you. Some companies furnish you with a list of these items, which often include hazardous items that might cause huge losses during the journey. Below, we’ll go over a list of some of the materials which cannot be transported by a moving company and the reasons why you’ll need to take care of them yourself.

Sentimental Objects

Moving companies avoid transporting personal items that might have sentimental values because of the liability risk that is tied to them. These risks are simply that irreplaceable items may be damaged or even lost altogether. Therefore, moving companies will usually advise the property owner to transport items like this themselves. Pets may also be included in the list of personal items.

Some of these objects may include school records, medical records, and financial records among others. Replacing these items might be difficult or outright impossible. Items like CDs or private videotapes might also be hard to replace. Cash, jewelry, and any personal collections might also get lost, and it can be a futile process to replace them. Electronics like cell phones, tablets, TVs, and laptops are also sensitive, and they might become damaged by harsh heat and other undesirable conditions in a moving van.

The following items may also be added in the list of personal items; wedding albums, insurance policies, research projects, car keys, medicine, bonds or stocks, school records, photos, sterling silver, pagers, tax records, certificates of deposits, airline tickets, car titles, and address books among others.

Perishable Goods

Perishable goods are items that deteriorate over time due to environmental conditions. Most of these products are consumables including food products such as meat, milk, fish, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, among others. This list also includes food items that have been opened—even if they have been stored in cans or bottles. It is advisable to avoid moving these items altogether, especially over long distances.

Although these products might rot while on transit, movers also fear that they might attract pests, rodents, and rats. This might lead to unnecessary damage to your belongings as well as the moving company’s equipment. However, some companies might allow moving these products as long as they are packed properly or picked up within 24 hours of delivery. Plants may also be added to this list since they might wilt or get damaged under enclosed conditions.

Dangerous Material

Dangerous materials include hazardous products that might cause harmful effects when they are handled in a moving situation. Moreover, most of them are considered to be corrosive, explosive, and flammable.

These items include sensitive materials such fertilizer, acid, chemicals, SCUBA tanks, charcoal, chemistry sets, car batteries, paints, poisons, pesticides, loaded guns, ammunition, nail polish, lamp oil, reloading supplies, nail polish remover, weed killers, gasoline, fire extinguisher, kerosene, matches, gas, fireworks, propane tanks, thinners, motor oil among others.

If you are moving your property within a considerable long distance, then you might consider giving these materials to your neighbors or family. Additionally, you can consider contacting the local county council who may dispose of them off safely for you.

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