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How to Protect Heirloom Quality Furniture During a Move

Moving Tips

When moving, you must carefully pack the items in your home to protect them against damage during transit. If you are planning on moving and have heirlooms or antiques (as well as other valuable furniture) packed for transport, take the time now to create an effective packing system. You can use these methods to protect heirloom quality furniture during a move:

Packing Heirloom Quality Furnishings Carefully

The best way to ensure your heirloom-quality furniture arrives unscathed is to prepare it before transporting it by wrapping and cushioning each piece separately. You may be surprised how much of a difference this step makes when you arrive at your destination.

First off, wrap your furniture up individually using a strong bubble wrap or similar material. This will prevent any nicks, dents, scratches, or breaks caused by shifting and jostling during transportation – protecting your valuable belongings from harm. Ensure the packaging is large enough to accommodate all furniture pieces inside so they don’t get crushed or damaged. Next, make sure its contents fit tightly within one another. It would be best never to double up cushions or pillows or stack delicate woodwork or glassware together. Once you’ve wrapped everything up and arranged it correctly, set it aside until your move day.

Using the Right Materials For Moving Day

If the budget is tight, consider buying just what you need, rather than purchasing too many things. It’ll save money in the long run as few products out there are specifically designed for moving homes. However, if you do choose to purchase lots of high-quality protective padding and wraps, here are some things you might want to include:

Cushion Pads

These pads pack your boxes and help protect valuable possessions from scratching, breaking, and even getting nicked. Some people prefer foam ones over those made from foamboard because they’re thicker and sturdy. They’re perfect for making sure your sofa doesn’t scratch the walls or floor of your car or van.

Protective Sheets

As the name suggests, these sheets are designed to keep your belongings safe while being transported. There’s no point paying good money for something which will get ruined along the journey! Instead, these sheets come in different sizes and thicknesses designed to fit specific furniture types. Look out for protective sheets specifically designed for wooden dining tables, desks, cabinets, and bookcases.

Plastic Coverings

These plastic covers are great for protecting your goods from knocks and dust. Their soft texture helps absorb unwanted odors and stops the fabric from absorbing moisture. In addition, they’re super easy to clean, meaning whatever smell it picks up becomes much easier to remove once it reaches your new location.

Backpack Equipped With Moving Essentials

Having a backpack that contains all the necessary tools and equipment you will need to unpick boxes and carry them around when moving is really helpful when it comes to getting things situated upon your arrival at your new home. Keeping your moving kit organized and ready for action on moving day can really make things go smoother. You can even store important items you don’t want to lose such as passports and keys while moving.

Getting Professional Help When Needed

Of course, if you feel like you can’t cope with doing it all yourself, hiring professionals is always an option. Hiring a moving company can take the stress out of prepping things such as precious heirlooms for a move. With a little forethought and planning, you can minimize damage to your furniture – it might take a few hours of hard work, but it’ll probably be worth it on moving day.

Key Takeaway

Moving can take a lot of organizing, but hopefully this guide has given you tips that will ease the process. Using a reputable moving company can ensure your precious items arrive safely at their destination without damage. Always remember to organize your move early and thoroughly before it’s time for moving day!

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