How to Protect Yourself from Moving Scams

How to Protect Yourself from Moving Scams

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Moving can already be such a stressful time that the thought of getting scammed in the process just sounds like cruel punishment. Unfortunately, thousands of people a year fall victim to getting scammed by moving companies without much for a resolution in sight. There are a few key ways you can help avoid getting scammed by a moving company.

You Get What You Pay For

There is so much excitement that comes along with moving, but with that excitement is typically a very long to do list. In the process, you might also find that the moving process is way more expensive than what you planned for. While bargain shopping is great at a department store, you might want to think twice to take the lowest offer quoted to you. It would be really tempting to hire someone whose quote is thousands of dollars less than the going rate, but you might be falling into a trap to actually pay more in the end. Some victims have reported moving companies demanding an unexpected unloading fee after all of your belongings are in their possession. Others were asked to pay a lower total rate but more money upfront as a deposit, and the company never showed up. Be very aware of why a company is charging so much below the average, and always always read the fine print of a contract.

The Better Business Bureau Knows Best

A reputable moving company should have a profile on This is a great place to start with your research. In addition to the Better Business Bureau, checking online for user reviews is a very telling resource. Obviously, not every past customer will have a glowing review, as sometimes accidents do happen, mistakes might be made, and as we all know, some people are hard to please. But the mere presence of multiple reviews helps you be more confident in the legitimacy of the company you are hiring. A real company would typically not intentionally do something to tarnish their online reputation, as those reviews are the driving force in modern day business. One victim of a moving scam got caught up choosing an illegitimate company for their move from MaryLand to Texas. They hired a moving company to deliver all of their belongings the day after they arrived to their new home. Unfortunately, their belongings never made it, and the moving company had stolen all of the moving fee, along with the life they had built. They discovered later that everything they owned had been left in a storage unit, and the victim was forced to bid on his own belongings when the unit went unpaid for. Verifying reviews and a profile with the Better Business Bureau could be the factor that helps you avoid a traumatic event for your family like this one.

Fine Print

Whenever you are paying for a service, a contract should always be involved to legally protect everyone involved. I know it might seem like common sense, however, many people fall victim to paying unexpected fees because there was not a contract holding everyone accountable. Whether or not a company offers you a contract might also help in deciding on the legitimacy of the whole organization.


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With so much to do in the moving process, you definitely do not need the added stress or expense of being scammed. Take a few of these precautions to set your move up for success!

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