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How to Work Around Various Weather Conditions When Moving

Moving Tips

Weather conditions can have a significant impact on how you relocate. When the time comes to pack up and head out of your current home, here are some guidelines and tips to help keep you as safe, warm, and dry as possible when moving in various weather conditions.

1. Moving in Bad Weather

When it comes to moving in bad weather, the general rule of thumb is this – the more inclement the weather, the more important it becomes to move slowly and mindfully. Injury is much more likely to occur if you are rushing or careless. Layer on clothing as needed, watch for hazards and move deliberately and carefully. Make sure to postpone moving anything that can be damaged if it comes in contact with rain, snow, or extreme heat.

2. Moving in the Heat

There are several safety issues to consider when moving in extreme Heat. Before the Heat of summer, you must let your movers know what items cannot be carried in the Heat and should be moved later. Otherwise, they may be damaged or destroyed while waiting for the truck. Some common items to carry in cooler weather include food, plants, alcohol, electronic equipment, and some artwork and clothing! If it is too hot outside, try to avoid being outside for extended periods and always ensure to stay hydrated while you are moving things out or into the home and to/from the moving truck.

3. Moving in the Cold

When moving in the cold, bundling up is essential! Ensure your hands, ears and extremities are all kept warm and covered. Try to avoid working outside if possible. Take frequent breaks when moving in the cold and ensure that your movers are dressed appropriately and taking breaks. Also make sure to move carefully when stepping outside because the chances of slipping during the move will be increased.

4. Moving in Heavy Rain, Hail, or Snow

Heavy weather conditions can damage fragile items and hurt the overall quality of your move. Keep things with flimsy packaging off the ground and away from falling debris. Ensure that items that could be damaged by rain are wrapped well or put in a plastic storage container until the rain stops! If you had planned to move a heavy object like a piano or television, choose an alternate time to move those items because it will be too unsafe to do so when it is hailing, raining or snowing.

5. Moving in Extreme Humidity

Moisture, mildew, and mold can all be bad for your health. Ensure that items are stored on pallets or boxes so that air can circulate them. If you have a lot of liquids, try to transport them in sealable containers. Ask your moving company if they have any specific recommendations for moving in humid conditions, such as using more tape or storing items in plastic containers.

6. Moving on Ice

Your moving company must have the proper equipment for pulling a moving truck on the ice. If you are not using an experienced and insured moving company, avoid driving on ice or risk damaging your car, your mover’s equipment, or both! If you attempt to drive on icy roads, you must drive slowly and be cautious of other vehicles and pedestrians.

Key Takeaway

The above guide only tells how to work around various weather conditions when moving. We hope that after reading through this guide you feel more prepared for your upcoming move! Remember that moving during severe weather conditions can be very dangerous, so if your moving date falls on a day when the weather will be severe, it is best to reschedule your moving date, if possible, to ensure the safety of yourself, your family, and those assisting with the move.

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