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Moving Blankets: A Moving Necessity

Moving Tips

Finally, it’s moving day, and the movers are on their way. You will need packing supplies such as cardboard boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap, and tape. Don’t forget your moving blankets! If you want to preserve your furniture and the surrounding environment, moving blankets are a necessity.

Moving blankets are thick and durable, usually made of heavy-duty cotton. They ensure that your fragile items and furniture are safe during the move. Moving blankets also ensure that your possessions won’t lose value.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Moving Blankets

Not all blankets are made to high quality standards. Some are poor quality and are not durable. Thus, it’s essential not to rent a cheap moving blanket to avoid paying for any damage to your belongings or to the blanket itself. Our recommendation is that you should use moving blankets cushioned with outer quilted fabric.

Moving blankets with no extra cushioning are less effective, resulting in poor performance when preserving your items and surrounding environment. In the furniture, if you want to use a moving blanket underneath, don’t use a single-layer blanket because it is likely to rip.

Buying good-quality moving blankets can be a better idea than renting them. If you move often, investing in moving blankets is a great idea. But if you only plan to move once, renting is a better idea. If you are moving with the help of professional movers, ask if they offer moving blanket services.

When to Use Moving Blankets

Professional movers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area use moving blankets for all professions. If you hire movers, they will bring their moving blankets and wrap your furniture as needed. And if you are doing it yourself, it will be an additional cost to buy or rent blankets. Lastly, wrapping and caring for the blankets will be your responsibility.

These extra cushions protect items such as pianos, chairs, bureaus, and other fragile items. They are designed to absorb shock and safeguard corners, doorways, and banisters. You can wrap the blankets on the sharp side of your item to add an extra layer of protection.

How to Use Moving Blankets

Furniture blankets measure six to seven feet on both sides, with padding materials such as cotton, nylon, and polyester stitched together. These blankets are similar to a bedspread, but they are heavier, more durable, and sturdier. The two sides are bright in color and dark in appearance.

Wrap your items using the bright side, with the dark side facing out. Additionally, place the blankets in any gaps if you are moving long distance. This will ensure your items are protected if any shift occurs during the move. In case of a rainy move, wrap plastic around the blankets. Not all moving blankets are waterproof, so it’s better to take this precaution.

Why Are Moving Blankets Important?

It is a simple and cheap way to protect your heavy, fragile, or valuable items during a move. The following are reasons why this necessity should be on your moving list:

  • Protect fragile items
  • Protect shattering items
  • Protect your furniture
  • Blankets Protect your floor
  • They protect your items against dirt

Do I Need Help When Moving?

Moving in the Dallas Fort Worth area can be a challenging task. But with the help of professional movers, it will be a successful move. Plus, professional movers have their own moving blankets and tools for maximum protection during the move.

Every household planning to move should keep a few moving blankets on hand. You never know when you’ll need them, and it’s always better to be prepared for anything.

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