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Often Unexpected Moving Costs to Factor Into Your Budget

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While budgeting for moving expenses, there are some common fees that many people tend to overlook. Most of these unexpected costs come in the form of fees for extra services that don’t come standard when working with professional movers, and these additional services usually depend on individual circumstances as well as the kind of items that are in transit. One good example of such an extra service is moving items upstairs. If the building does not have an elevator, moving companies tend to charge extra fees. The specific fees charged for each different service usually vary from one company to the other, but in most instances the moving company will issue  a quote that includes all additional services and an estimated budget to accompany it. Here are some of the services that will most likely add additional costs to your moving expenses.

1. Packing and Unpacking Services

One of the essential aspects of relocation is packing your items. The process requires extra caution and preparations to ensure everything is in order and at the right place. Packing ensures that fragile goods are packed separately and with the needed precision to ensure they do not break while in transit. One of the reasons why moving companies charge extra costs for packing is that they guarantee efficiency. Plus, any fragile items are damaged, they are reliable for such instances. Similarly, when you want the moving company to offer unpacking services, most offer upon request from the client. This service usually adds additional costs charged on an hourly basis.

2. Handling Delicate and Fragile Items

Any moving company does not bear any responsibility when handling delicate and fragile items if the clients did not request it as a service. Handling items such as souvenirs requires extra attention and handling during packing, transit, and when unpacking. Such service charges an extra cost when requested. Similarly, handling electrical appliances and setting them at their right place comes with additional charges.

Some special items are incredibly bulky  such as pool tables, pianos, and hot tubs. These are charged differently as they are heavy, delicate to handle, and take up a lot of space.

3. Assembling and Dissembling Furniture and Other Items

Upon request, moving companies offer dissembling services on larger furniture items that come with additional cost. When a client does not have the necessary tools to dissemble and assemble valuable furniture, it’s often not worth it to risk damaging these items. Instead, many people opt to use the services of a moving company who will come with all the needed tools to dissemble the furniture safely. Upon reaching the destination, items like this need to get reassembled, and moving companies offer this service at a cost.

4. Moving Bulky Items up Stairs

If you are relocating to a place where your items must be moved upstairs but there are no elevators, you will get charged additional flight charges. Different companies have various methods of calculating this cost, but in most cases, the price gets calculated either per flight of stairs and at times per step. Also, in cases where there is an elevator, some moving companies charge awaiting costs based on the time they have to wait for the elevator to move up and down. It’s even worse if other tenants are using the same elevator at the same time. If possible, you can book the elevator and dedicate it for your sole purpose use.

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