Professional movers taking inventory of items loaded into a moving truck

What Services Do Professional Movers Offer?

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Depending on how many items you are moving and where you are going, many moving companies will offer a wide range of services. Professional movers can provide packing assistance, help with transportation and storage, and assistance with the unpacking process. This blog post will look at the services that professional movers can provide.

Packing Assistance

Most professional movers will assist with packing. Each company will have its particular policies and procedures, but as a general rule, the mover will provide the supplies necessary for packing, such as packing tape, bubble wrap and boxes. The mover may also help with packing fragile items. This is a good option if you do not have a lot of time to pack or if you do not have the proper supplies.

Transportation Assistance

Professional movers can also provide transportation assistance. Many movers will not only move your items, but they can also arrange to safely transport your items between destinations. This service takes a lot of stress off your shoulders if you are moving to a location a considerable distance away or moving many items.

Storage Assistance

If you do not have the space for everything you own, a mover can help with storing your extra belongings. The storage facilities offered by movers are typically climate-controlled storage rooms. Storage is helpful if you want to move into your new house as soon as possible but do not have enough room for everything.

Unpacking Assistance

After your belongings arrive at your destination, a mover can help unpack. The mover will unpack boxes and help arrange the items in their proper place in the house to save you from spending hours doing it yourself.

Furniture Assembly and Disassembly

Many professional movers offer the service of assembling and disassembling furniture. This is an excellent option if you have bought new furniture or have an item that can be assembled and disassembled quickly, such as a table or a bed frame.

Choosing a Moving Company

Once you have decided which services you would like, your next step is finding the right mover to fit your needs. When looking for a mover, there are a few things to consider, such as price, experience, and safety.

  • Price—When searching for a mover, you will want to find a reasonable price for all of the services offered by the moving company. If a mover does not offer everything you need and you have to supplement their services with another mover, there may be hidden costs. Some moving companies offer discounted rates for jobs involving large furniture or numerous boxes.
  • Experience—Experience is essential when choosing the company you would like to hire. Companies with experience using good packers and movers will offer the service at a lower cost than a company without this experience.
  • Safety—When hiring a professional mover, safety should be of utmost concern. This is especially true if you hire movers to pack your items. The mover should provide insurance and proper packing supplies to ensure your safety and your belongings.

Key Takeaway

Beyond just loading and unloading furniture, there are a wide range of different services that professional movers offer. These services can be helpful if you do not have time to move everything yourself or do not want to deal with the hassle of a move. Most professional movers will provide insurance, packing supplies and proper moving procedures to ensure your safety.

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