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Packing Tips to Make Moving Day Easier

Moving Tips

Moving day will be busy, but it doesn’t have to be stressful if you can put in enough work before the movers arrive. Unless you’ve hired a packing service as well as a moving company, you’ll need to have your things boxed up and ready to go before the big day arrives.

Only Move What You Want To Keep

If you have time, make sure you sort through your possessions and only take what you want to keep. A simple way to do this is to sort and pitch as you pack. Enter every space with three containers:

  • a black trash bag
  • a white trash bag
  • a box

Things you plan to sell or donate can go in the white bag. Items to be discarded will need to go in the black bag. Things you want to keep can go in the box.

Decide to Sell or Donate

Selling can help you raise some funds for the move or to enjoy once you’re settled in your new place. However, selling will take time. If you’re planning a yard sale, that’s likely at least a day you can’t be packing. For those who need to move in a short time frame, donating may be a better option.

Label Thoroughly

Determine what objects need to go in what rooms in your new house. To make things easier for the movers, number the rooms in your new space and number the boxes accordingly. This system will make unpacking much easier and speed up the unloading of the truck.

Arrange Parking

Depending on where your new home is, there may not be a driveway. Make sure that there will be a spot for the movers to park to unload your belongings. If you need to get to an upper floor, you’ll need access to a freight elevator if at all possible.

Invest in Good Quality Boxes

Buying boxes means you can be sure the cardboard is in good shape and that all boxes will be of uniform size. By making this investment, you can reduce the risk of a box tower collapse inside the truck.

Wrap and Tape Your Delicates

Anything fragile should be thoroughly wrapped in cushioning material. Bubble wrap is great for short trips, but if your fragile items will go into storage or be exposed to extreme temperatures, wrap them in a towel or sheet before using the bubble wrap. This will reduce the risk of moisture buildup.

Use Suitcases

Use your suitcases to pack away a change of clothes, toiletries, a towel and bedding for everyone in your household. By separating just a few things, you can be sure that no matter how crazy moving day gets, you’ll be able to bathe, make your bed and sleep in your new place.


Your movers are ready and willing to make your move as quick and convenient as possible. By being ready yourself, you can speed up the process, protect your belongings and make settling in to your new home that much easier.

Find Moving Companies in Southlake, Texas

Once you have all the preparations finished on your end, you may still need to find the perfect moving company for your big day. If you live in Southlake TX or anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact the experts at Great White Moving Company. Enlisting the help of our experienced movers on top of completing all the prep work will ensure your moving day goes as smoothly as possible!

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