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Planning A Summer Move

Moving Tips
As summer approaches and the weather gets warm the real estate market tends to heat up as well. People start looking to move because the nice weather provides the perfect time to get out and look at homes. Kids are out of school so parents do not need to worry about moving during the school year and interrupting their kid’s education. Since summertime is when most people tend to move it can be difficult to secure one of the reputable moving companies in Fort Worth. To make sure everything goes according to plan there are some things you should keep in mind.

Plan Ahead

Since summer is the busiest time for movers it is important that you plan your move early. It is usually recommended that you start contacting movers about two months before you plan to move. You can ask them for the days or months that are the cheapest to move and what days they have available to reserve. You should start looking for your new home early so that you have less competition to compete against.

Get Quotes and Check Reviews

Movers typically increase their prices during the summer months because the demand for movers is higher. You should contact moving companies early and find out which days are the cheapest to move on. To ensure you are getting a good price you should contact at least four different moving companies. When moving you are most likely trying to save money in every way you can but you should always check the reviews of the moving company you plan to hire. To avoid scams and unreliable movers you should read reviews, ask for references, check how long the company has been in business and check if they carry insurance in case there is an accident with your belongings.

Finish Packing Before the Early Move

To ensure the move goes smoothly and the movers are not standing around waiting for you, you should make sure that all of your stuff is packed up before the movers get there. While you may plan on packing up a few things when your movers arrive you should avoid this. If you have everything packed and ready to go you will make the movers go quicker and this will, in turn, save you money.

When scheduling your move you should try and get the first appointment of the day. Getting the first appointment helps ensure your move will be on time since there is not another move before yours. Moving in the morning can also help you stay cool and out of the sun.

Safely Packing Your Stuff

If you are moving in the summer you need to take extra care of your personal items. For instance, if you have candles in a hot moving van they may melt all over your valuable personal items. Other items, like DVDs, CDs, or food may also get damaged in the hot summer sun. You should pack these items in a box but transport them in your own car to minimize the heat exposure. If you move in the hot summer months it is important to think about any items you have that could get damaged in the sun.


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