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Properly Securing Furniture For A Move

Moving Tips

When it comes to moving, perhaps one of the hardest aspects to deal with is moving the furniture. Pieces of furniture are often large, bulky, and heavy. This can make moving them extremely difficult. In the case of heirlooms, it’s especially important that great care is taken to ensure that they are moved safely. If you’re preparing for an upcoming move, you may need a few tips on how to move those pieces of furniture in such a way that will guarantee their safety. This article will offer you tips on how to secure and protect your furniture for a smoother moving experience.

Clean Your Furniture Beforehand

Before you even attempt to cover and pack your pieces of furniture into a moving van you need to take the time to clean them. Grab a cloth and do some dusting. This will help ensure that any small pieces of debris won’t rub into the wood and upholstery. If left uncleaned, those bits and pieces of debris can scratch the wood or tear into the upholstery. Essentially, those pieces of furniture will be ruined. To get into the creases of upholstered furniture, you should use a vacuum.

Dismantle Before Moving

To make your life easier, you should dismantle your furniture before attempting to secure it in the moving truck. It may seem like a pain since you’ll be required to reassemble it at the new location. However, you can make the actual moving process a lot easier by dismantling first. These pieces can then be secured with ease and you’ll have a lot more room in the moving van for other objects and boxes. Try to keep the parts together. If screws are removed, then place them in a small bag and label the bag so you know which furniture the screws belong to. For those who don’t have a lot of experience building and dismantling furniture, it’s not a bad idea to record how it was dismantled so you can follow the same process (except in reverse) for building it back together.

Wrap For Safetly

With the pieces dismantled, now you can start to wrap them for a secure move. You can typically find plastic wrap designed for furniture in moving stores. Cling Wrap can work just as well provided you have a lot of it for the larger pieces of furniture. You may also want to duct tape the wrap to ensure that it is wrapped securely. Bubble wrap should be used first on those pieces of furniture that are the most delicate. The bubble wrap will keep it cushioned if any jostling occurs. You can also use blankets for wrapping and protecting your furniture. If you do, make sure that use plenty of blankets to wrap around the furniture as blankets don’t usually provide as much cushioning.

Load Your Furniture Properly

Now that the furniture is wrapped and ready for delivery, you have to stack it correctly in the van. You can prevent a lot of damage based on how well you stack it. Larger pieces should go on the floor to act as a foundation. Everything else should be stacked tightly together like puzzle pieces.

Professional movers are able to pack and transport furniture with special care and equipment. Contact Great White Moving Company today to find out how our Dallas-Fort Worth movers can assist your move.

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