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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Fort Worth Moving Company

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Moving to a new home is a lengthy process, one that requires many difficult decisions to be made. From choosing the new location and moving date, to guiding the packing process along, the move can become quite overwhelming. Many important factors must be considered during the move, not the least of which is deciding on a moving company. To make your decision responsibly, there are a few important questions you can verify with any moving company you are thinking of hiring.

Ask About the Company

How Long Have You Been in Business?

It’s not imperative to hire a company that has been in business for years, but you can typically find that a long-lived company has given its customers good results in order to stay in the game for a longer period of time.

Our Answer: “Since 2003.”

Do You Have all of the Necessary Equipment?

In addition to well-maintained vehicles, the moving company must be responsible for dollies, ropes, blankets, and anything else that may be needed for the loading and unloading, and for storing within the truck.

Our Answer: “Yes, we supply everything needed for your move.”

Is the Company Properly Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

Ideally, the moving company should be a member of the American Move and Storage Association, or AMSA. This will guarantee that the company complies with all of the necessary federal laws. Similarly, companies may be classified as members of the Updated Certified Moving Company, which will prove that it is licensed and insured. These are both indicators of responsible company ownership.

Our Answer: “We are insured and licensed, but not bonded as our movers only work for us and are not day labors.”

Do You Have Experience and References?

If there is anything even remotely out of the ordinary for your move, you will want to be sure that it is a company that has handled something similar in the past. If the company is reputable and has quality service, they should also have no problem providing you with references. You can also search for the company on reviewer websites to find poor reviews or scams.

Our Answer: “Yes, we have numerous repeat customers. Please check out all our raving reviews.”

What Kind of Liability Coverage is Provided?

Talk to a company representative about the types of insurance they provide for your possessions. They will likely have several different options, so be sure to find out what is included in all moves and what additional insurance purchases you can make. While you’re at it, ask about the insurance of the workers. Every company that is legitimate will be able to show you proof of their insurance policy, and you don’t want a worker’s injury to fall back on you.

Our Answer: “”

Ask About the Day of the Move

Who is Responsible for Unloading and Loading?

It is rarely the case that you yourself will be responsible for any of the loading and unloading of your supplies, but this is still a very important question to ask. Verify that the team of movers are up-to-the-task, experienced, and physically fit professionals.

Our Answer: “Our movers will handle all the loading and unloading so your move can be as stress free as possible.”

Do You Have an Option for Packing Services?

If you are interested, many companies offer additional services such as packing and unpacking, or even appliance disconnection. Be sure to check what the additional fees are.

Our Answer: “Yes we do, but be sure it ask for it when you schedule your move.”

How Often Does Your Company Service its Moving Vehicles?

When you picture the day of your move, it’s unlikely that you envision one of the moving trucks breaking down. Be sure that the company maintains its vehicles regularly; if so, this will also signal to you that the company is responsible and reputable. In addition, ask what would happen in the case of bad weather or car troubles.

Our Answer: “All our vehicles are on a regular service maintenance schedule.”

Ask About the Fees

How Do You Determine Price for Regular and Extra Services?

Find out if the company charges by the hour, weight of items, room number, or another factor. Be sure to ask what they consider “extra” services, such as assembly and disassembly and other types of preparation fees. Discuss each situation that may come up, and find out how it will be handled and charged for.

Our Answer: “We offer both hourly and itemized moves. Your price will either be based on how long it takes or the items being moved. Call us today for an exact itemized quote or for an hourly rate.”

Is the Estimate Binding?

Estimates can vary the day of – this is not uncommon. When you find out exactly how price is determined, ask if the estimate is binding or non-binding; that is, if the weight or hours are higher than anticipated. Often, moving companies will have a not-to-exceed price built into the estimate to protect you.

Our Answer: “Yes, as long as there are no additional items added or information left out – such as stairs.”

What Additional Charges May Come Up?

There may be unexpected costs that you did not consider before the move, especially if you chose a company that is purposefully adding in hidden charges. See if there are non-obvious fees in cases such as the truck arriving before you, fuel charges, even elevator charges. If you are aware of everything before hand, there will be no surprises.

Our Answer: “We have no hidden fees. If any additional charges get added, it would be because you forgot to mention an item on your quote or stairs.”

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