Make your move successful

Make Your Move Successful

Moving Tips

Moving can be very stressful in any situation. There are things that can be done while packing that will make the whole process easier in the end. 

Picking the proper boxes

Picking the right kind of boxes is the first thing that should be done when planning your packing for a move. The boxes should be good quality moving boxes that aren’t going to fall apart when they’re packed. Size also matters when it comes to packing. Match the items that need to be packed with the size of box used. There is no reason to waste empty box space when packing. 

Using extra packing material

Some items such as, kitchen and bathroom items may need extra packing materials to make sure they don’t move during the moving process. You can use things such as, 

  • Butcher paper or newspapers to wrap breakable items. 
  • Bubble wrap is another packing out on that will provide extra cushion to items. 
  • Even towels or washcloths can be used to make sure that items have the extra layer of support. 
  • Moving companies will also have things on hand that you can purchase to make sure your favorite dishes survive the move. 

Whatever you choose to use, always make sure your breakable items are packed with care. It will save a lot of cleanup later and very few times will break, if any at all. 

Labeling the boxes is very important

Labeling boxes properly is always a must in a move. It makes things a lot simpler when you see a label in big bold letters on a box and know what room it should be placed in. It makes the move more stressful when you have to search every unlabeled box just to find the silverware. 

Have a few priority boxes

Marking some boxes priority while labeling, will be a big benefit in your move. Especially, if you know that it will take some days to unpack. Items that should go in priority boxes are things such as, 

  • Any kitchen items that will allow you to have meals until your entire kitchen is unpacked. 
  • Bathroom items that are needed for daily living, such as toothbrushes and other hygiene items. 
  • Any important office paperwork needed for work or school. 
  • A few sets of clothes for each family member that can be used until all clothes are unpacked. 
  • Any pet items that will be needed. 
  • Any daily medications. 

Being organized with packing is one of the top things you can do to make your move less stressful and you won’t regret it in the end. Pick the proper boxes, label all boxes, and have a few priority boxes are a few steps that it takes to do a proper move. This will make unpacking a lot easier in setting up your new home. Taking the extra time while packing will be a huge benefit in the long run.

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