The Importance of a Moving Dolly

The Importance of a Moving Dolly

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With a population of 7.3 million people, Fort Worth is an iconic Metroplex that boasts of a thriving economy and culture. Out of the top Fortune 500 companies, 22 are based in Dallas. Its economical prowess is based on several industries such as healthcare, telecommunications, banking and many more. If you think the cowboy look is outdated, then you are wrong. Dallas is home to the cowboy trend; with special police officers donning the Texas Ranger look. With different cultures, come different dishes. Dallas boasts a collection of different delicacies which range from burgers to tacos.


Contrary to popular belief, Fort Worth has affordable housing which ranges from 600 dollars to 2000 dollars a month. Additionally, the neighborhood is friendly and significantly free from major crimes. One interesting fact that is not known to many is that Dallas area is home to 23 of the wealthiest people in America. Coupled with other factors; Fort Worth is a darling to many.


Nevertheless, if you are planning to move to the Dallas area, then you need the right team around you. Similar to a domino theory, if you err while moving, then there is a high chance that it will lead to a chain of unfortunate events that will collectively sum up the day. It is therefore prudent that if you are planning on moving, then you need to prepare and have all the essential materials by your side. Any personnel in the moving business will tell you that if you have a moving dolly by your side, then you have probably solved 80 percent of the puzzle. For most people who haven’t heard of a moving dolly, well it is an equipment that has wheels, and it is ideal for moving heavy materials such as fridges and furniture.


There are several types of dollies, and they all depend on the materials being transported. They include


Utility Dolly


A utility dolly is an L shaped dolly that is typically hand-held and pushed to move from one point to another. A utility dolly is convenient for carrying small items that have not exceeded 600 pounds such as boxes and appliances.


Appliance Dolly


As the name suggests, an appliance dolly is a big brother when it comes to carrying items. Similar to a utility dolly in terms of structure; an appliance dolly is essential heavy equipment such as fridges and washes. It comes with nylon straps to fasten equipment; hence securing the items.


Furniture Dolly


Unlike other dollies, a furniture dolly is different in terms of structure. With a flat base and four wheels, it is typically used to carry bulky furniture. One advantage of using this dolly is that it comes with padded edges to protect it from damage when moving through corners. Though it might look simple, a furniture dolly can handle items weighing more than 1000 pounds.


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