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Preparing Your Refrigerator For A Move

Moving Tips

Appliances are one of the more difficult things to move due to their size and the steps needed to prepare them for a move. Getting a refrigerator ready to move is a multi-step process. In most cases, this process cannot be completed last minute as refrigerators need to be defrosted at least a day before transportation.

Planning to Move Your Fridge

One thing that needs to be done before starting the process of moving the fridge is to take measurements of the doorways in the new house. The last thing you want to happen is to get the fridge moved and find that it isn’t able to fit through the doors. Once you know that your refrigerator is able to make it to your new kitchen, you can start preparing it to move.

Preventing Food Waste

A given thing with moving your fridge is to empty out all of the food. There are two main things you can do to prevent food getting wasted. One is to eat everything in your fridge and go out to eat the days before the move so you don’t add any additional food. Another is to meal plan so you don’t have any extra food leftover by the time you start defrosting the appliance. If you have anything in your fridge that you want to take with you, put it in an ice chest with dry ice to keep it from spoiling.

Preparing for Defrost

Remember that your fridge needs to be completely defrosted at least a day before you move it. Refrigerators can take anywhere from ten minutes to hours to defrost depending on the ice buildup. Once you are ready to defrost your fridge, unplug it and open the doors. Be sure to secure your plug off the floor so it doesn’t get wet from dripping water. Cover the area around the base of your refrigerator with towels to soak up any water from melting ice. Don’t try to scrape the ice because it could damage your freezer.

Tips for Defrosting Quickly

If you are in a rush to defrost your freezer you can try a few things to speed it up. One option is to place a bowl of boiling water in the freezer and shut the door. Another suggestion is to use a hair dryer to melt the ice. Just don’t let it touch the ice! If the inside of your house is warm, you could place a fan in front of the open doors to help circulate the warm air.

Cleaning After Defrost

Once your refrigerator is completely defrosted, wipe out any remaining moisture and allow to air dry for at least twenty-four hours. This prevents water from getting trapped that could cause mold growth. Don’t forget to empty, clean, and dry the evaporator pan. These are usually located at the bottom of the appliance.

Preparing Your Fridge for Transport

Remove all of the shelving and drawers in the fridge and securely pack them up separately. This will prevent them from getting broken during the move. Secure the doors using a rope or moving strap. This is the point in time where you need to get someone to help you with moving the appliance. Most refrigerators are over 300 pounds and attempting to move one alone is very dangerous and could result in injury or damage to the appliance.

With assistance, secure the fridge to a moving dolly and load onto a moving truck. Place the refrigerator upright in a secure location in the truck. Cover with a sheet to prevent it from getting damaged during the move. If the transit to the new location is going to be longer than a day, place activated charcoal or baking soda inside to absorb odors.

Last Minute Reminders!

Moving a refrigerator doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Don’t forget to check the dimensions before moving. Be prepared with all of the needed supplies ahead of time and remember to get help loading and unloading it from the transportation vehicle. Taking these steps will help your move go smoothly and get your fridge up and running in your new home. For information about appliance movers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact Great White Moving Company.

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