baby in cardboard box after moving

Tips for Unpacking With a baby

Moving can be very exciting, but it can also be hectic and tiring. It is even more challenging when you have young babies. Babies are super sensitive and have lots of needs and preparation is needed when parents decide on a big move. Luckily, thanks to professional movers, people can move comfortably and with ease. The real stressor for new parents who have just moved is unpacking once you get to your new home. Unpacking is an activity that takes a lot of thought and effort which can be hard to accomplish when you have small babies who need a lot of attention. Here are some tips on how parents can ensure that they can unpack without causing a hard time for their baby.

Have the house cleaned in advance

Deep cleaning the house before moving in helps kick off any dust and debris. That ensures that you get a great start, and the baby won’t encounter too many foreign germs or airborne particulates. It is common for babies to be allergic to dust and be more prone to getting sick if exposed to it.

Familiarize the baby with the new house

Babies tend to feel comfortable in an environment they are used to. Visiting the new house with the baby will help them get used to the new environment. Take the baby on a walk through the house, go into the room where their nursery will be, etc. This will reduce the chances of the baby being cranky on the actual day of moving.

Consider unpacking the nursery first

The baby’s nursery should be the last room packed at your old house and the first room unpacked when you get to your new house. This can help you get a place to tend to the baby’s needs while you are unpacking the rest of the house. The baby needs to settle in as fast as possible to minimize fussiness about the whole ordeal of moving and unpacking.

Take advantage of nap time

Keep them busy until they take a nap instead of having them crying as you unpack. You will also have peace of mind unpacking as the baby sleeps.

Keep the baby’s essentials close to you

Keep your baby’s bag close to you when moving. A change of clothes, diapers, snacks, toys and other essentials are some items that would be smart to have on hand.

Stick to the baby’s schedule

Sticking to the baby’s schedule will help them stay calm. If they are supposed to feed at a certain hour, stick to it. If the baby usually gets a bath in the afternoon, ensure to give them the bath that way they can feel as though they are still on their usual routine. This will help them to feel relaxed and be more likely to take a nap, giving you more time to unpack.

Keep the baby distracted

Keep the baby busy with their toys or books. You can also talk or sing to them as you open a box or two.

Make the house baby-friendly

When you get to the new house, ensure that you take the right measures to keep your baby safe. Invest in safety gates, child locks, electrical outlet covers, and a baby monitor.

Ask for help

Family and friends come in handy when moving. Don’t feel embarrassed asking for help when you are moving with a baby. People and especially close family and friends understand how hectic it can get.

Take your time

Although you want to get an organized house as soon as possible, always take your time. Your baby is more valuable than the unpacking, which means that more attention should go to them. When you have the time, start unpacking a box at a time, and within no time, your house will be all unpacked.

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