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Preparing Your Piano For A Move

Moving Tips

In every home, there are a handful of belongings that are especially adored by the owners – the irreplaceable, the heirlooms, and the things that make a house a home.

For any musician, an instrument without a doubt falls into this category. A guitar, violin, or saxophone to a musician is like the brush and canvas to a painter – the tool they use to create, express, and thrive. When it comes to moving time, special attention must be paid to any musical instrument as each has specific environmental requirements like temperature and humidity.

While many instruments have the convenience of custom hard cases that make moving a tad bit more simple, some instruments, like a piano, typically do not. If you have a move coming up and you are also the proud owner of a full size piano, here are a few tips on how to prepare yourself and your instrument for the big day!

Consider the Size

The word “piano” is kind of a broad reference point because the size and weight of a piano can vary greatly. In any case, hiring a professional moving company that has the right tools and experience to do the job is the best and safest bet.

This is especially true if you have anything bigger than a standard upright piano, and even then, if you have the option, letting movers take care of it will be the most stress free option.

Grand pianos can weigh up to 1200 pounds and can be over 7 feet long, so without the proper tools and know-how, moving such a beast can be disastrous… and in the worst cases, heartbreaking.

Have the Right Tools

You might think that your basic moving equipment would be enough to handle your piano, but this is not the case. You will want to have a piano dolly and piano board in order to safely and efficiently transport your piano.

Before purchasing or renting your piano dolly, you will want to know the size and weight of your piano ahead of time to be certain that your dolly can safely handle your instrument. You will also need dedicated straps and moving blankets to prevent damage during the move.

This is another reason why hiring a moving company might be the cost effective solution; while moving a piano might be an extra fee, it will probably be less than the cost of the equipment you will have to purchase to make it happen yourself.

Prepare the Way

Because your piano is an exceptionally large item that is very vulnerable to damage, you will want to have a clear path ready to go both from your current location to your new one. You don’t want to be working around stacks of boxes or pieces of furniture when transporting such a valuable and large instrument.

Schedule a Professional Tuning

Even if your piano move goes as smoothly as possible, the movement from one location to another, enduring whatever distance it rides in the truck for, will cause the tension of the strings to give a little, knocking it out of tune.

This is totally normal, and unless you have the various tools and ability that is required to do this task on your own, go ahead and make an appointment to have a pro come out and tune it for you. That way, on your first night in your new home, you can enjoy the comfort of sitting down at your piano and soothing yourself with a familiar song.

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