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What NOT To Pack When Packing Your Home

Moving Tips

While moving has the potential to be a crazy and stressful time, it is important to plan ahead for a few things in order not to cause yourself bigger problems than necessary. As you start planning, buying moving boxes, and renting equipment, consider what you might not want to pack for your moving process. Consider the following items when you are making your moving plan and make arrangements for them as needed.


Nothing makes you feel more at home than your potted plants, so moving them to your new location should be on a priority list. How you move your plants depends on several different factors. Knowing what kind of plants you have and whether or not you can take them across state lines is going to help you not get caught up at a state border check. Ask your moving company in advance if they move plants and what precautions they take. If your move is going to take more than a day, it is probably best for you to keep your plants with you for the duration of the move.


When you are moving, it is totally normal to have someone else be responsible for your belongings (movers, friends, or family), but your firearms should be an exception to this. While you might have a lot of your belongings spread out, it is important for you to personally have tabs on these items, especially if you have children. Remember, you are solely responsible for anything that happens with your firearms, so having them in a secure place is an important part of moving. The same goes for any other potentially dangerous objects like fireworks, explosives, or any toxic substances.


When it comes to food, you might want to start planning weeks ahead of time. Some items travel well, but others won’t make the distance. Be aware of perishables that you have like fresh fruits, veggies, meats, and opened containers. If you can’t arrange to eat these items prior to moving, consider donating them! While it is possible to move some food with the use of dry ice, especially food that is already frozen, you have a limited window of about 18 hours depending on the size of ice block. If you take this route, be sure and do your research in regards to what the best container is, how much dry ice to use, and what foods travel best. Also, consider that many states do not allow fruits and vegetables to cross state lines, so be aware of the laws of where you are headed in order to not be slowed down while you are on the road.

Everyday Items

It is easy to get in packing mode and put everything you own in boxes, but be aware of what you might actually need the day or two you are moving. Items like your cell phone and charger, your wallet, daily toiletries, and an overnight bag if needed, should stay with you because having to last minute search through a box that is already loaded on a moving truck for your credit card can turn into an avoidable hassle real quick! Thinking about the details of your day ahead of time can help make your moving experience as stress free as possible!

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