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Where Should I Move?

Moving Tips

Sometimes the chance to move comes before you know exactly where you want to live. In these cases, you want to make sure that you end up somewhere that has everything you’re looking for, and that you enjoy. Finding a city you want to live and grow in can be a tough decision. Below are a few things you should keep in mind when considering where in the wide world to make your new home.


One of the first things to consider is your job. Even companies that offer remote options often prefer their employees to be in or around a certain region. If you are attempting to move while keeping a current job, you’ll want to see what their options are.

If you’re searching for a new job to go with your new home, you can end up with an almost alarming amount of options. Luckily it can be easy to navigate all these by narrowing down some of your preferences.

If your career is incredibly important to you, consider making your move based around that. Certain areas of the country have reputations as centers for certain careers, such as Fort Worth being known as a business hub. Look for areas known for businesses within your field.

If you find a place you want to consider moving, while you’re applying to jobs there also check out what else the city has to offer. Along with working there, you’ll want to enjoy where you live when you’re not at work as well!

Cost of Living

A second thing to think about when deciding where to move is the general cost of living in that area. Knowing the cost in an area and an idea of your income can help you make financial plans for the future.

Large cities can have different suburbs with varying costs of living. In addition, some states have minimum wages that exceed the federal minimum wage which can change things as well.

However, large cities, though generally with a higher cost of living, also have some cost easing factors that small towns don’t. For example, public transportation. Commuting from some areas between Fort Worth and Dallas can be done by rail.

Crime Rates

Another aspect of any given area you can consider is the crime rate there. There are very specific crime rate statistics available for cities all over the United States that are easily accessible through websites such as or through local police departments and government websites.

You’ll have to decide for yourself which crime rates you are concerned by or aren’t. Large cities will inevitably have higher crime rates due to the higher population. Your needs may also change depending on whether you’re planning to raise a family in an area.

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