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What To Do Before Moving Out

Moving Tips

Moving to a new home can be stressful. There’s lots of planning and preparation involved, and with everything there is to remember, some things may slip through the cracks. Below are a few helpful reminders of things to do before you move out that will make moving into your new home easier.

Labels Will Save Your Life

Some statistics show that the average American will move more than ten times during their lifetime, so learning how to pack well is an important skill. In the rush of packing, sometimes remembering to label boxes falls by the wayside. It may seem like extra trouble while you’re packing, but once you’ve arrived at your home, having your boxes labeled will save you time and stress. No one wants to spend the first night in their new home opening box after box looking for sheets and blankets. Taking the time to label boxes efficiently before you move will make transitioning into your new home that much easier.

Mind the Utilities

Switching utilities isn’t something you should leave until the last minute. In fact, starting communication with your utility provide weeks, even months, in advance can save you unnecessary stress. This may seem early, but having plenty of time to allow for changes to accounts to be made can prevent unwanted bill accumulation and extra fees. Most utility organizations have deposit fees that client must pay prior to using their services. Should you fall into this category, remember to remind your provider to send the deposit to your new address.

Reroute Your Mail

Rerouting your mail and updating your address is another step you won’t want to forget. Rerouting mail will ensure that mail in transit will be directed to your new address. Updating your address is equally important. The United State Postal Service allows customer to change their address online for as little as $1 and the click of a button. This will ensure that your future mail, everything from bills to subscriptions, gets to your new location without getting left in someone else’s mailbox.

Making Goodbyes Easier

One of the most difficult parts of moving is having to say goodbye to people. Many people develop personal relationships with their neighbors, people on the block, coworkers, and others. Moving to a different state, or even just a new area of town, can feel detrimental to these friendships. Luckily, as hard as saying goodbye may be, farewells are never really permanent. Especially in today’s technological age, connecting with people often, even daily, can be done online. Before leaving, extend a warm goodbye to the people that mean the most to you. Ask your neighbors if you can add them on social media, jot down phone numbers, exchange emails, or plan to spend an evening together having dinner. Maintaining healthy relationships can lead to a happy, productive life in the future.

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