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There are a lot of important reasons why a person should hire a professional to help them move. Every move has its own unique challenges no matter where a person is moving from or to. These challenges are where specialized equipment is needed and helpful. That is where a moving company steps in and lends a hand, because they always have any equipment that might be needed.

Straps for Hoisting

Large pieces of furniture can be hard to move, as they may not fit out the door. Movers can use a hoisting strap to manually move the piece out a window. These straps are also great for moving pieces of furniture or large boxes up or down a set of stairs.

Dolly with Two Wheels

This is a very basic dolly, and it is not uncommon for some homeowners to have their own. Not everyone has one though, and they can be dangerous if not used correctly. Two-wheel dollies are great for moving several boxes in one go, which means fewer trips back and forth out or into the new place. They are also helpful for smaller pieces of furniture.

Dolly with Four Wheels, Bins, and Crates

If there is a long walk or even an elevator involved with a move, movers have found it is easier to fill crates and boxes with items to get more moved in less time. Four-wheel dollies are used in these scenarios to make large crates and boxes easy to move. This can drastically decrease the time spent moving items from the old place and into the new place.

Dolly for Appliances

These dollies are made much larger than other dollies, and the wheels used on them are much bigger. With stronger and larger frames, they are made to handle the weight of large appliances such as fridges.


Small stairs on the outside of a building or the distance from the back of a truck to the ground can make it hard to move large and heavy items. Professional movers carry extra ramps that can be placed over a few stairs leading into a building, making it easier to transport heavy items right into the building.

Pallet Jacks

These are not always included during a move. It really depends on how many heavy items need to be moved, as they are meant for extremely heavy items.

Piano Board

Pianos are expensive and hard to move, but movers have a piece of equipment called a piano board that makes it safer to move one by strapping it down securely.


While most homeowners tend to own tools, they aren’t always easily accessible on moving day as homeowners tend to pack them away without thinking about needing to use them. Professional movers always have a toolkit on hand that likely has more than the average homeowner’s kit.


While it might be easy to borrow a friend’s truck to move, there is a lot of needed equipment that does not come with the truck such as straps and pads. There is also no guarantee that the truck can be used during the whole move or that there will be any help to move the items. A professional moving company will not only have the right size truck for the job, but also have experienced drivers who can safely operate heavy equipment.


Professional movers not only make the moving process quicker, easier and safer, but they also have all of the right equipment for the job and are experienced at using it safely. Avoid the hassle and danger next time you’re moving to a new home, and take advantage of the equipment professional movers can bring to the table.


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