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Move Makeover Tips To Complete Before Moving In

Moving Tips

Moving is such a great opportunity to reinvent yourself and explore new horizons. Often times, people take this time as a chance to make changes that best suit their new home and season of life. Unfortunately, because moving can inherently be a very busy and stressful time, some of these changes or upgrades get put off until after the move is complete. When this is the case, people often keep putting off their plans to make over their home, and they miss out on doing the simple things that can transform their house in the home of their dreams. Here are a few ways you can prepare your home before moving in to make your move day as stress free as possible.


Changing the colors in your new home is the perfect place to start when it comes to creating your perfect living quarters. While it might seem like this is something you can put off until after your move, painting a completely empty house simplifies the process exponentially. Once you have all of your furniture in place, the thought of having to move it from room to room, disrupting the flow of your life and of the lives of the people living with you can be enough to cause you to keep putting this task off. Painting your new home before you move in allows the process to go much faster with the opportunity for fewer issues along the way. And nowadays there are so many amazing and beautiful color combinations that are available to inspire you on Pinterest and HGTV, why would you rob yourself of having the very obtainable house of your dreams by putting it off until after your move?


Changing the essence of your space can be as simple as changing the flooring. And with so many affordable options, you have an infinite amount of directions you can go for your home. Putting down new flooring whether it is wood, laminate, tile, or vinyl, is just one more way for you to obtain your dream home, but it can feel like a massive inconvenience after you have already moved in. There is no worse feeling than moving all of your furniture into each room knowing that you will very soon have to do the process all over again for upcoming upgrades. Having your new floors already down when you move in creates a stress free move day.

Change the Locks

This isn’t always a fun change that creates a new environment for this new stage of your life, but confidence in knowing that you and your family are as secure as possible does help with your moving process. While it is true that landlords for rented properties are required by law to re-key a property when a new tenant moves in, and while you do feel amazing when your realtor hands you the keys to your newly purchased home, is it not worth the personal assurance that no one else has a copy of your key to get these locks changed on your own? Keys are so easy to copy, and you do not want to put your and your family’s safety in the hands of anyone else. Changing the locks to your home is a very practical upgrade that you can make in order to make your new home truly feel like yours.

Regardless of what the upgrade or change is, completing it before you move in helps your move in day feel like the final step to starting your new chapter in your new home. Don’t put these upgrades off – do your future self a favor by planning ahead! For more stress-free moving day tips, visit Great White Moving Company. Our professional Fort Worth movers will be happy to help make your move a success!

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