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Approximating Moving Costs For Your Upcoming Move

Moving Tips

The moving process can be a tedious process that requires a lot of time and can place a lot of stress on the individuals involved. Since the introduction of moving companies, this process has gradually become easier and less stressful. By providing a service to move your valuables from one place to the next, the hard work of moving suddenly became a lot more manageable. In exchange for making your move easier, your moving company will quote you a price for their services. This will assist you in setting a good budget for your move as well as knowing all the companies fees and rates beforehand. Below are some pointers on the relevance of approximating moving costs with a close reference to the Great White Moving Company.

The Time and Move Distance

When calculating the total cost for your move, the moving company will first take a look at the distance that they will be moving your items. Because of this, its important to already know the distance from one’s old location to the new one when budgeting for your next move. Great White Moving Company gives prospective clients the privilege of having a free quote for their services, so you can easily budget for the expense of moving. Before giving them a call, doing a Google map search can provide the right estimate of the distance and time it takes.

Consideration of Time

It is a common behavior for most movers to choose end months or weekends to shift into new locations. This would mean that most moving companies place higher rates at this time because of the influx of clients. That means it is important to consider this fact when you are planning your next move. If you are on a budget it may be a good idea to plan your move for during the week. Great White Moving Company offers its clients a 20% discount on each booking done in advance. Knowing when you are going to move is a very important step in the approximation of cost.

Quantity of Items

Having that most moving companies charge by the hour, it is critical to consider the number of items you need to move and how long that might likely take. Great White Moving Company has put great emphasis on its team of skilled professionals. Its workforce ensures that all items are covered for and packaged in protective material. Also, the company is fully insured, meaning that in case of any unavoidable loss, the items will be replaced immediately. When it comes to getting an approximation of cost based on quantity of items, Great White will work with you to come up with a quote that takes all these different aspects we have discussed so far into account.

Extra Services

Another factor that any individual should consider in coming up with an appropriate budget for moving is additional moving services. Services like packing and unpacking, transport, or an additional moving truck will create an additional cost. Great White Moving Company has many additional services that can be done. They offer packing and unpacking services as well as supplies that will allow all items to be moved safely. They can even move very large items like gun safes and pianos. Their personnel are highly trained in ensuring no damage occurs during the packing and moving process.


Great White Moving Company is a family-owned company based in Fort Worth. The company covers areas like Dallas and other surrounding areas. It hopes to provide its clients with stress-free services that will allow a comfortable and easier moving process. If you are trying to approximate the cost of your upcoming move, contact us and we can work out a quote for you!

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