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Transporting Your Vehicle for a Long-Distance Move

Whether you’re moving to a new city or across country, moving your vehicle is no easy task. Driving your vehicle on your own can be very tiring when traveling to a new location hundreds or even thousands of miles away, especially if you have kids or are traveling with a favorite pet. It’s even more difficult if you need to transport multiple vehicles to your new home.

Depending on how far the new location will be, you might want to consider options like hiring a professional driver to drive the vehicle or using a professional auto transport service to ensure the car will be safe when you arrive at your new home. We’ll take a closer look at these options below.

You Can Hire a Professional Driver

One plan of attack is to employ someone to drive your vehicle for you. there are all kinds of options online with websites that you can use to hire a person to drive your car. You can book an independent driver or one who works with a professional auto transport company. While this option will take the workload off your shoulders, keep in mind that the vehicle will still rack up heavy mileage and wear and tear since it’s still being driven.

You Can Transport Your Vehicle Professionally

Another choice is having the vehicle towed or hauled professionally. Transporting a vehicle by hiring an automobile transportation company is most people’s first choice. If you decide to go this route, you will save mileage and wear and tear on the vehicle. You will be happy to know that your vehicle will be safe on a portable open-air trailer. Just be sure to invest in a budget to see how much it will cost you, as prices vary depending on the vehicle’s size and insurance.

Shipping a car through an enclosed truck will cost more. The trade-off is that your vehicle will be secure during transportation via highway on the portable trailer. The final step is to ask the company that you choose if you need to pick up the vehicle at their drop-off location or by the side of your new home.

Why Moving Your Vehicle By Train Is Ideal

People can move their vehicles by using a train as another option. Shipping a vehicle by train can vary by price, depending on how far away your new location is and the size of the car. You can get quotes from different moving companies to see how much it will cost. If your vehicle is transported well over seven hundred miles, she can save money by transporting it by train.

You will realize that transporting your vehicle by a train will allow you to add several moving boxes right inside the vehicle before they are ready to transfer it. This process will save you out-of-pocket expenses by not using a moving truck rental, granted you don’t ship heavy boxes and large furniture items inside the vehicle.

If you decide to use a train to transport your vehicle, shippers typically take the safest and fastest routes. Using trains ensures your vehicle will be very safe, and many services by trains are covered by insurance regardless of the routes they take. This ensures the vehicle gets to your new home safely and conveniently after the long haul.


A long distance move can be particularly challenging to plan out, but some of that stress can be alleviated if you know your vehicle will arrive safely at your destination. We hope one of these options will work for you!

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