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Ways to Protect Your Items During a Move

Moving Tips

During a move from one place to another, it is common for household objects, furniture, and personal belongings to become damaged in the process. There are important steps and tips individuals must face when moving furniture and other miscellaneous belongings.


Furniture bumpers are created with top of the line fabric and materials. Resulting in protective padding to furniture and personal belongings. Using furniture bumpers to deliver cushioning and reassurance an individual’s furniture would have minimal damage during the moving process. These high-quality materials assist in reducing bumps, dents, and scratch damage when moving furniture into a new home or location. Experienced moving professionals understand the vital importance of moving valuable and fragile items. One of the methods moving experts would apply bumpers to furniture is by wrapping the personal belonging with blankets. These blankets are generally thick and can provide the objects with the utmost protection. The equipment provided my moving companies will usually be wrapped as well. Doing so can prevent damage to furniture from dollys and other equipment that might be used.

Large Rubber Bands

Large rubber bands are another way to protect personal belongings and items during a move. Large rubber bands are often used to wrap around larger furniture pieces that do not stay shut or closed. Applying these rubber bands will prevent items and drawers from flying out during the moving process. As a result, wrapping a large rubber band will decrease the chances of items being lost when moving to a new home or location.

Securing Items

Another important factor to consider when protecting personal items during a move is to secure all items. Making sure every item is properly fitted and secured inside the moving vehicle is an important part of item relocation. When items are not properly fitting in the vehicle the weight of furniture may be damaging to smaller items. furthermore, any loose items can slide from side to side during a move. As a result, expect to see broken items as soon as the destination is reached. On a side-note, it is wise to remove certain items from inside furniture pieces and placing them in their box or storage containers. This can lighten the weight of the furniture piece and allow easy mobility when needed.

Get Rid of Junk

During the process of packing personal belongings in storage containers and boxes, be sure to throw away miscellaneous junk. Having several bags and boxes of miscellaneous items may become confusing and overwhelming during the unpacking process. The best rule of thumb is to look at each item as ask one’s self:

  1. Does this item hold sentimental value?
  2. Have I used this item within the past six months?

If the item does not comply with either, it is wise to junk it. Traveling light is ideal for any move. Why not take this opportunity to do a little Spring-cleaning and throw away garbage? Packing to move is the perfect time to do so.


Labeling what contents are inside each box comes in handy. When arriving at the new destination movers as well as the family can place each box in the proper room. As a result, making unpacking an easy and less-complicated venture.

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