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Essential Items People Forget on Moving Day

Moving Tips

When moving from one home to another, a common mistake most people make is leaving essential items behind and possibly even losing them on moving day. Some of these items that are commonly forgotten are essential to everyday use and cause a lot of problems once they go missing. Read on to learn about easily forgotten essentials so you can remember to bring them on your own moving day.


Without batteries, you won’t be able to power things from TV remote controls to a controller for a gaming system. Batteries are often overlooked because of how small they are, and it’s going to drive you crazy if you don’t bring them. Batteries can also be expensive, and if they are left behind then it’s a waste of money at that point. Make it a personal note not to forget any batteries that you might need in the future at your new home.


Considering that toolkits come in handy all the time, it’s important not to forget yours on moving day like many people do. You might even need it on moving day itself, so leaving it behind would make moving into your new home annoying if you need to construct something or fix something. Toolkits are hidden away in a basement or shed most of the time, and that’s why they are commonly forgotten. Making a list of items to remember and putting your toolkit on it is a great way to remember it.

Toilet Paper

As essential as this item is, it’s often overlooked by people moving to a new home because of everything that happens on moving day. Nothing is worse than going to use the bathroom in your new home and not having any toilet paper because you forgot it all. Don’t make this mistake by remembering to bring your toilet paper when you move. It’s an essential that you can’t live without and one of the most commonly forgotten items according to moving companies in Grapevine, Tx.

Personal Documents

Personal documents are commonly overlooked because they are typically filed away and out of side. These documents are something you don’t want to overlook because of how important they are. They might contain some vital information like birth certificates or Social Security cards. These are definitely items that you don’t want to lose or have to send your movers back to Grapevine, Tx to get for you. It’s important to go through all of your personal filing cabinets and folders to look for items like this before moving day. You’ll be thankful that you took the extra time to look for these personal items.


They might just seem like household decorations, but you still don’t want to leave behind any plants. It’s common for people to leave plants behind because they seem like they’re part of the home. However, if you want to make sure your new home is decorated with the same plants you had before, it’s important not to forget them. According to moving companies in Grapevine, Tx, Plants add a colorful aspect to every space which could be helpful when moving into a new space.


With a little bit of extra planning and a reminder or two, you can ensure you don’t forget anything essential when it comes time to leave your old home behind. We hope these tips from our professional Grapevine Movers to help your moving day to be as stress-free as possible!

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