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Moving Tips for Single Parents

Moving Tips

Being a single parent is already a tough job to take. Adding to that tough job by moving as a single parent takes a lot of courage, and planning. Luckily, there are a few tips you can look at for guidance when you are moving with kids and you’re a single parent.

Prepare Your Kids for Moving

The best way you can start this off is by explaining to your child that you are moving. Explain to them that you need to pack up all of their favorite toys and move them to a new house. If they are old enough, then you should explain to them why exactly you are moving. Tell them that you need more space than you currently have in your home. If they are younger, tell them it’s an adventure to a new house. This will keep them from panicking when you start packing.

Let Them Help Pack Up

It might make the process easier for younger kids if you let them help you pack up things. If you need space to pack up the things that are breakable, tell them to pack up their favorite toys and put them safely in a box. If they are older kids, let them help back up family photos and other random objects around the the house. This can be helpful for you, and it can help make them feel better about the move.

Keep Comfort Items

If your child is attached to a specific bear or blanket, you should keep that around. Even if it is old and you planned on tossing it out when they wouldn’t notice it, this is the worst time to do that. Wait until they are comfortable in their new home before you throw out anything that they might miss a lot.

Get Enough Sleep The Night Before

It’s important to take care of yourself just as much as your kids during this time. You need to be fully rested before taking on the big day with your child. Even if you have help for the moving process, you should still be fully rested the night before so that you can handle the things that need to be taken care of.

See if Any of Your Friends Can Watch Your Child if Things Get Too Crazy

It will always be helpful to have friends around during this time as well. Moving a lot of bigger objects can be made more difficult than it already is when you have a child running around. You should see if anyone can stay around to watch your child, or help you move the bigger things so someone can always be on watch for the child that might run past.

Keep Them in Touch with Their Old Friends

If they are older, you should let them know that they can still talk to and hang out with their old friends. Even if they make new friends at their new school, they might not want to let go of their old friends. Get their phone number for your child and let them talk daily until your child adjusts to the move.

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