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When it comes to moving, buying the right materials is crucial, but since the packing process is often nearly last on your moving to-do list, it can be easy to skimp out on what to buy. Not to mention, it can be so frustrating to start packing and then realize you forgot to buy something you needed, causing you to stop what you are doing and head back to the store. Consider this your go-to list of “must haves” for your moving process, courtesy of your Keller movers at Great White! All of the things listed are tried and true and necessary for a smooth moving experience.

Quality Tape

Don’t try and cut corners on your tape purchase when moving. Get quality clear packing tape and LOTS of it. You will want to put multiple strips of tape on the bottoms of these boxes to ensure they stay intact, so get several rolls!

Bubble Wrap

One of the beauties of bubble wrap is that it is so diverse in what it can be used for and nothing will protect breakables as well as it can. Any fragile object should have a protective layer of bubble wrap around it. It can also speed up the packing process in the kitchen because most bubble wrap comes perforated every 12 inches. By tearing off a bunch of squares ahead of time ready to put one in between each plate, bowl, or cup, you will find packing up your kitchen can go much faster than expected!

Different Sized Boxes

Quality boxes (or plastic bins) in different sizes is a must for moving. If you only have large boxes, you (or your helper friends) will be tempted to fill each one as much as possible to save time, but this will likely slow you down in the long run. Use smaller boxes for heavy dishes and books, and then use larger ones for lighter, less fragile objects. Every box should be easily lifted by one person in order to keep the loading process moving safely and efficiently.

Plastic Wrap

A roll or two of plastic wrap might be the thing that keeps your furniture completely clean and damage free during transit. Wrap up your mattress, box spring, couch, or even use it to keep desk drawers in place. Plus, wood furniture that is wrapped in plastic is less likely to be damaged, so be sure to have some on hand especially if you end up having to move in the rain.


The best way to protect furniture from damage in the moving truck is to cover it with blankets. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a moving company is that these are often supplied with the rental fee, so you don’t have to go to the trouble of buying a bunch of blankets you will only use once or dirtying up blankets you already own.


You will want to have a few heavy duty Sharpie markers to label the boxes as you pack. Organization is key in keeping you sane during the moving process, so be sure to label every box clearly on each side so that it can be ready from any angle.

Trash Bags

Not only are heavy duty trash bags helpful for moving your hanging clothes efficiently (just bag them from the bottom and tie right below the hook of the hangers), but having an excess of trash bags will likely come in handy in other aspects as well. For instance, if it ends up raining, large industrial sized bags can do wonders in keeping boxes and furniture dry. Not to mention, you will likely end your packing day with a significant amount of trash, so having the bags on hand can be super helpful!

More Moving Tips from Your Keller Movers

Looking for more tips from our Keller movers to help your moving process go smoothly? Now that you have your materials, learn how to properly pack your boxes to make the process easier and safer. And if you’re having trouble finding good moving companies in Keller or anywhere else for that matter, read through our guide to finding the perfect moving company. For more insight and personalized consultation, don’t hesitate to contact your Keller movers at Great White Moving Company!

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