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How to Find the Perfect Moving Company

Moving Tips

When you make the decision to move, whether it is across town or across country, your life might become somewhat flooded with tasks in order to make that move possible and, hopefully, smooth. These tasks might include finding a new job, working with a realtor to find a new home, starting or changing schools, and many other massively important life changes. By the time it gets to the actual act of moving, you are likely to already feel a little burned out. Though the moving process can be taxing, finding and hiring the right moving company can be the factor that helps you cross the finish line with a smile! Follow some of these tips on finding the right moving company for you and your specific moving needs!

Online Reviews

With the age of the internet, we are able to find out so much information, and customer reviews is a big part of that. With yelp and google reviews available at the click of a button, you have the opportunity to gain a little bit of insight about what working with a particular moving company might be like. As always with reviews, be sure to look at them holistically to draw a well rounded conclusion to get a clear and fair perspective!

Ask About Moving Services

While most established moving companies should be able to accommodate your needs, it is important to notify a prospective company if you are moving a long distance, of any additional services you might be in want of, or of special items you need moved. Specialty items you should notify them of include gun safes, pool tables, large instruments like pianos, and any other abnormally sized or fragile objects. Knowing if a company has the appropriate equipment and manpower available at the start of the conversation can help save you some time in your general search!


Your moving company needs to be fully licensed and insured! Not only does insurance show that a moving company is a little more legitimate, but it also shows that they take their responsibility for caring for your belongings seriously. Typically, you can view license and insurance information on their business website, but if you can’t find it there, be sure to ask for this information from them directly. If they can’t show you proof, you should probably continue your search for a moving company to work with!

How Long they have been in Business

One way to know if a moving company is legitimate or quality can also be evident by how long they have been in business. If you are having a hard time finding information about a company, or if they just got operating this week, you should be hesitant. There is something to say about having built a little bit of trust with the community they are operating in, and a huge factor of that is time. Businesses that have a reputation will work to maintain it, so leaning toward a company with a little bit of time under its belt might be the best choice in ensuring you will be taken care of by the moving company that you hire!

More Tips from Your Fort Worth Movers

Once you’ve found the perfect company to help with your move, you may be wondering if you need to do anything to prepare for the day the movers arrive. Check out our article on preparing for your movers to find out how you can make the big day as smooth as possible for them and yourself, and don’t forget to read through our guide on essential questions to ask your moving company. And as always, don’t hesitate to contact your Fort Worth Movers at Great White Moving Company if you have any additional questions or concerns about your move.

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