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What to do When it Rains on Moving Day

Moving Tips

So, you have checked everything off of your moving checklist right down to picking up your moving vehicle. You got accepted to the new school or new job, secured your new home, successfully packed all of your belongings using our organizational methods for moving, and now it is moving day, go-time, where the rubber meets the road! But, with all the excitement, you failed to check the weather or maybe a storm develops out of nowhere. If this happens and you find yourself under gray clouds the morning of your move day, consider some of these tips in easing the stress of a rainy day move, courtesy of your movers in Euless TX at Great White.

Cover Your Floors

Even a little bit of moisture can create a huge mess as people are walking in and out of your old and new home. If you have carpet, this can cause a big, hard to clean mess which isn’t ideal, whether it’s in your new or old place. You probably don’t want to start your new chapter with filthy floors, and you might not have the time to either steam clean or hire a carpet cleaner by the time you need to be out of your old home. Tile or hardwood can cause safety issues as well, and you likely don’t want anyone experiences a bad fall from the slick floor. Laying a tarp down on the path from the truck to the door can help minimize muddy shoe prints, and placing an entry mat directly inside the door can help with residual water.

Wear the Right Clothes

When it comes to moving in rainy weather, proper attire can help you avoid injury and damage to your belongings. Be sure everyone is wearing shoes with good traction (no flip flops), and gloves will help you avoid dropping potentially slippery items. As in any situation where there is rain, a pancho goes a long way!

Double Check Your Packing Job

If you must move in the rain, one obvious concern is damaging your belongings. When it comes to your boxed items, odds are a well taped box will probably protect everything inside as long as the boxes are quickly loaded in and out of the moving truck. If you don’t have a covered truck or trailer, you may consider getting plastic bins with lids. If you can park your truck under an awning for loading and unloading, using a tarp to cover your boxes for transit could be sufficient, but this isn’t recommended for longer trips.

In the event of rain, you will want to invest in an extra roll of plastic wrap or two. This can be added protection for your boxes, and wrapping any furniture or objects that aren’t boxed will help fend off a large portion of the moisture in the loading and unloading process.

Be Aware of Wet Boxes

If you suspect your boxes have gotten wet, be extra careful when lifting. The cardboard will not maintain a lot of structural integrity when wet, so you want to be sure to lift from the bottom. Otherwise, you risk your belongings falling through! Additionally, any wet cardboard boxes should be unpacked quickly once you get them into your new home. This will help you avoid damaging the items inside and also the ever present wet cardboard smell that will linger otherwise.

Be Smart

Whether you hire a company or rope your friends and family members into helping you move, you will want to gauge whether or not the weather is too extreme for moving. If there is lightning, flooding, or excessively heavy rain, you will want to reschedule your move day, as inconvenient as that might sound. The majority of traffic accidents occur during bad weather, so it’s always important to put your own safety first when it comes to your moving day!

More Moving Tips from Your Euless Movers

Don’t let anything slow you down on your moving day.  For more tips on dealing with difficult weather during a move, check out our article on preparing for a winter move. Or for more general ways you can help make your moving day more manageable, read through our article on ways to limit stress while moving. And for more personalized advice and consultation, don’t hesitate to contact our professional Euless movers at Great White Moving Company.

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