Preparing for Your Movers

Preparing For Your Movers
From you local movers in Fort Worth TX

Moving Tips

Moving can be a notoriously stressful event as you juggle all of your normal responsibilities while simultaneously relocating your entire life. If you have done yourself the favor of hiring a moving company, you are already on your way to reducing a huge chunk of work. In order to help your moving company help you as best as possible, here are a few things you can do to prepare for them.

Know the Area

Your moving company will most likely be coming in with a large moving truck or trailer with various other pieces of equipment to properly move your belongings. Having a designated space for your moving company to park the moving truck prepared before they get there can set up an easier moving day process for you and for them. Also, if you have steps coming in and out of your home, let your moving company know so they can properly prepare to work around them. While it might be common knowledge to do this for the house they are moving out of, people often do not consider doing this for the house they are moving into. Having a designated place ready for the moving truck at your new home is just as important and helpful for your moving company to safely and seamlessly get you moved in.

Kids and Pets

If you have small children, you might want to consider having a plan for them while you are moving. Moving can already be stressful, and it might be beneficial to you and your children to keep them as close to their normal daily schedule as possible. Having a friend or family member or even a paid babysitter come to your house and watch small children can really help you and your movers so that you are able to focus on directing the company you have hired, and the moving company can focus on loading and unloading your belongings as safely and quickly as possible. This also reduces any chance of an accident occurring that could result in injury to either your child or one of the crew members.

The same goes for your pets. With people coming in and out of your home with equipment, it could leave a lot of room for an accident with one of your pets getting out, stepped on, or hurt. If possible, consider caging any animals that might typically be roaming around, board them, or ask a friend or family member to watch them for a few hours. Some pets are territorial, and the stress of having several strangers coming in and out of their home could be overwhelming for them. Instead of risking anything, have a plan so that your moving day is pain free.


Chances are, you paid for your moving company’s services with a credit card, but you might want to be ready with some cash on hand to tip with. I know, I know, talking about money can be awkward, and obviously you do not have to tip your movers. You never really have to tip anyone in any industry. But, in any case, when a service is provided to you, tipping is an option and it is appreciated as it shows that you are satisfied with the work that was done for you. Consider a few things: did your movers have to go an especially long distance, were there a lot of stairs to work around, or did furniture have to be taken apart and put together? While you are obviously paying for these services, giving your movers a small tip really motivates people to continue to do an outstanding job for you and for future clients.

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