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How to Pack Your Collectibles

Moving Tips

We’ve all felt the pressures of moving. Whether it be into a home, apartment, or even an office space. Taking the time out to pack up your delicate items and collectibles as neatly and carefully as possible so that they survive the move can be a very tedious process. Not to mention having to move those boxes once you have successfully packed the items safely. If you are a collector, you know how important the transportation of your beloved items is to the overall success of your move. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways to move various types of collectibles.

Glassware and Ceramics

When it comes to your glasswear and ceramic collectibles, moving them in a way that they do not break is of utmost importance. When packaging these items it is important to separately wrap each of them, remembering to add a layer of bubble wrap, and making sure to pay very close attention to the sharp corners and delicate pieces that make up your collection. It is also important to provide a cushion of packing paper, or bubble wrap around the carefully wrapped items, filling in the spaces around the objects so they do not shift or move too much during transit. Stamping the boxes with fragile labels will also help your moving company to know to be extra careful with the boxes.

Action Figures and Figurines

Whether you collect Action Figures or Glass figurines, it’s equally as important to pack them in a way that they will not be damaged. Action Figures may seem really durable but they are still susceptible to bending and being damaged almost just as much as glass figurines are. When packing your action figures or figurines, it is important to invest in a sturdy box to house them during the move. When your packing up your collection, ensure that each figure or figurine is wrapped nicely with packing paper, bubble wrap, or some sort of protective cloth such as a soft t-shirt. Placing the figures in the strong cardboard box with plenty of packing paper or bubble wrap will ensure they survive the move without being damaged.

Card Collections

Another example of a moving process would be to move a card collection. It’s recommended to put any loose cards in an acid-free album that will protect the graphics on the cards from being transferred and then put the binders into a box lined with more packaging paper or bubble wrap. You can even buy clear card sleeves to put the cards in before placing them in the binders for added protection. Another option is buying specialized card boxes from your local card store that will house your trading/ playing card collection upright so they are not bent or torn. Usually, boxes such as these are easily stackable and can be moved with or without a larger box to house the specialized card storage boxes.

Comic Books

Transporting large comic book collections can be very difficult. The easiest way to transport a collection is in specially designed boxes for comic books that will store them upright so they do not bend. It can also be a great idea to buy clear plastic sleeves for your Comics as to protect them from fading as well as bending and getting stained by any foreign substances that they could come in contact with while moving.

In Conclusion

We know how much time and effort goes into amassing a collection, no matter what kind of item your collecting, big or small. That is why Great White Moving company prides itself on being able to provide its customers with exceptional service and care for the items they love the most. We care about your collectibles, furniture, and other personal items as much as you do and want to see that every item that’s going into your move arrives safely at your new home or office. Give us a call today so we can discuss the ways we can make your next move effortless.

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